Go and Tell!

Congratulations on your successful completion of the Mission: Pro-Life training course! In today’s lesson, Stefanie will share some final thoughts and Scriptures to help you as you go and share His Word with those who are hurting and in need of support to navigate the impact of an unplanned pregnancy.

Love Well!

Julie Dowler, Executive Director of CAPS Pregnancy Clinics in San Diego, CA, shares from her heart how important it is to love those facing unplanned pregnancy well and earn the right to share the Gospel.

How to Leverage your Testimony

You’re passionate about pro-life causes for a reason. In today’s lesson, League Member Stefanie E. will share how you can use your story, your personal reason for ministry, to point those facing unplanned pregnancy to Jesus.

Overcoming Your Fear

Pastor Dick Maxwell shares how to overcome fear in sharing the Gospel while ministering to women facing unplanned pregnancy and standing up for the rights of the unborn.

The Importance of Prayer

Sue Thayer, former Planned Parenthood manager and Organizer of 40 Days for Life, Storm Lake, IA, shares from her incredible experiences how important prayer can be in successfully planting seeds of the Gospel as you minister at abortion clinics

Staying the Course!

You’ve made over halfway through the Mission: Pro-Life course and we pray that you’ve been encouraged by the Biblical truths you’ve been learning and applying as part of your training thus far. For today’s lesson, tune into this video encouragement from fellow League Member Stefanie E., as she shares what you can expect in the days ahead.

Who will support your ministry efforts?

We are one week into our study and I commend you for remaining committed to your evangelism training. I hope you are feeling more confident in your ability to share the Gospel and energized to continue. Even when someone turns you away and refuses to hear about God’s love, you can still find joy in knowing you are carrying out the Great Commission. You have joined the ranks of believers committed to living a soul-impacting, world-changing life!

Sharing the Gospel with Confidence

No evangelism training would be complete without a discussion of how to clearly present the plan of salvation. Pocket Testaments offer an easy-to-follow guide for explaining how God has provided a way to bridge the gap between our sin and His holiness.

Begin by opening up a conversation

Over the past few days, we’ve prepared for this important ministry by reflecting on our testimony, studying God’s Word and memorizing scripture. Today we’ll put these elements together and use them to share the Gospel.

Making ready with scripture

Our walk with Christ will become stagnate unless we continually submerge ourselves in His Word. God has divinely crafted together the Holy Scriptures to give us the ultimate resource for living an abundant life.

Supporting your testimony with scripture

Phyllis is a Pocket Testament Member experienced in ministering to women at abortion clinics. She shares that once someone gets out of their car and heads toward the entrance of the abortion clinic, she only has about 15 seconds to try to catch their attention. It can be especially challenging if the woman is escorted by someone who is trying to shield her from distractions.

Discovering your testimony

Prayer can pave a solid foundation for everything you do. It opens up your line of communication to God, helping to focus your thoughts on His divine mission and filling your heart with a passion for serving Him. John 16:24 states, “Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.