Wonby1 - Sue’s Story: Oh, the Overwhelming Love of Jesus

Wonby1 - Sue’s Story: Oh, the Overwhelming Love of Jesus

God’s timing is always perfect. He alone knows people’s hearts. And He knows when those hearts are most ready to receive His love.

One day, that perfect moment happened right before Sue’s eyes. Sue was simply walking across a parking lot with two friends that day. She saw a young man sitting in his car, and immediately felt the Holy Spirit leading her to talk to him.

Laying aside any doubts or fears, Sue accepted the call to action.

“I told the young man that we were out sharing the Good News about Jesus Christ the Son of God and how much He loves them,” Sue said. 

The young man responded that he was a Muslim.

“Jesus loves Muslims too,” Sue told him. Then, she heard the most wonderful answer, “The young man wanted to receive Jesus as his Savior and Lord!!”

But after presenting the Gospel to him, Sue realized the young man wasn’t the only one listening. He had been talking on his phone with a friend in Germany.

Something amazing and unexpected happened next: “His friend on the phone shouted that she wanted to pray as well!,” Sue said. 

“Only God could set up a divine appointment like that! What timing! What Grace! What Love! All glory, honor, and praise to our Wonderful Lord! Thank you so much for enabling me to put a Gospel of John in his hand.”

Sue only knew what God was impressing on her– that a young man needed to hear about His salvation. She trusted that God knew what He was doing, that this moment was the right moment for this man to hear. Sue wanted to further God’s plan.

It turns out—God had plans even bigger than Sue could have imagined. Because of her obedience, two people heard and received the hope of the Gospel!

We cannot even begin to imagine the scope of God’s love. It reaches far across the oceans and into people’s lives, offering life-giving salvation.

Others only need to hear about His deep love.

League Members like Sue are sharing it with friends, family, and strangers every day. 

Did you know that by sponsoring Gospels with a donation to The League, you become a part of handing someone a pocket Gospel of John?

Everyday we have League Members order Gospels who cannot afford to pay for them. We never turn anyone away, but look for others like you who can help sponsor their order.

Help League members like Sue share even more by sponsoring a Gospel order with your gift today.

Imagine the look on God’s face as another person is won for Him. What a beautiful thing to watch someone say yes to Jesus. 

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