Wonby1 - Shannon’s Story:  Sharing the Gospel in Everyday Life

Wonby1 - Shannon’s Story: Sharing the Gospel in Everyday Life

Let’s proclaim the Gospel to all of creation! That call sounds wonderful in Sunday church or during personal devotions (see Mark 16:15). Missionaries, preachers, and Bible teachers go forward all over the world to tell the saving message of Jesus Christ. 

But PTL Member Shannon K. of Jefferson, Or. also takes this verse to mean that everyday people can share Christ in everyday situations too. 

To Shannon, it doesn’t matter whether you’re out shopping, at a restaurant, or even going to an important doctor’s appointment. Opportunities for Christ are everywhere! 

“At the grocery store, I spoke to the young man waiting in line in front of me. He said that he drove a truck. I thanked him for delivering food to the stores. I asked him if he would like to read my favorite gospel of John from the Bible. He said yes and put it in his pocket. 

“The grocery clerk was listening to our conversation so I asked her if I could share the gospel of John with her. She said yes. I told her that I was thankful that Jesus loves us and that in chapter 10 we can learn that Jesus is our good shepherd. May these both enter into new life with Christ as their Great Shepherd. Thank you for making it possible to share the story of God's love for us in the gospel of John.”

Shannon has realized that showing the Gospel to others can be so simple. She often starts with a friendly conversation and then asks politely whether the person would like to read her favorite book. 

Praise God that seeds are being planted all over Shannon’s city, including in a young gas station attendant’s life:

“At the gas station, the young man waiting on me told me that he read the gospel of John I had given him several weeks earlier. He said that the day I had given it to him his boss asked if he could work late. He had to wait 3 hours doing nothing while the lines drained. 

“At that time, he remembered about receiving the gospel of John, so he took it out of his pocket and read it. Please pray for Justin to understand what he read about Jesus and see God's faithfulness to provide for him. Thank you for making it possible to share God's word. God bless you!”

What an encouragement to see God’s Word taking root! 

But sometimes, God places people who already love Jesus in your path for encouragement and boldness. Those people are meant to strengthen you, and they can share alongside you. 

“As I go through the [Evangelism] bootcamp lessons online, I am encouraged to be bolder in sharing the gospels of John. As I was walking into the clinic from the parking lot, a lady was walking from her car in the same direction. 

“I said Good afternoon and she smiled and responded. I asked her if she liked to read. She said yes, so I offered the gospel of John. She took it and said thank you. Then she thanked me for being a witness for Christ and that our country needs more witnesses.”

By using everyday situations like Shannon does, you can help get the Gospel message out to the world! 

You can invite someone to meet Jesus with one conversation, one person, and one pocket Gospel at a time. 

Shannon says, “I think that having the Gospel of John to offer to people that cross my path helps me to be bolder and more focused on sharing the hope that Christ gives me. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. May God's word go forth rapidly and bring Him much glory.”

So, what store or activity are you going to next? How could you use that everyday situation for God’s glory? 

Ready to challenge yourself as a witness for Christ? You don’t have to go it alone! Let this easy-to-use Gospel tool help you spread the Word, backed by the love and support of The Pocket Testament League Members.

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