Wonby1: Mark’s Story

Wonby1: Mark’s Story

Mark was just eating lunch at the local grocery store’s deli. But as you probably know, when the Holy Spirit is working, even the simplest of moments can make an eternal difference.

“I just gave a young woman a Gospel of John and then went back to my sandwich,” Mark shares. But what Mark didn’t know was that he was the last stop in this woman’s journey to faith… a journey God had been leading her on for some time. 

“I noticed her going through the Gospel intently so I started up a conversation. She shared that she was from a former Russian country, and that her mom was an atheist and her dad had a mixture of beliefs. So I continued telling her about the Good News.”

That’s when Mark realized God was moving powerfully in the woman’s life.

“She told me she thought God was trying to reach her and began recounting how a group of Christians had shared the same message with her while she was recently in Japan.”

From the former Soviet Union to Japan to Missouri is quite a spiritual trek, so Mark asked her if she was ready to give her life to Jesus.  

“I could see it in her eyes that God was working in her. So when I asked if she wanted Jesus in her heart, she said yes… so we prayed right there in the front of the store using the prayer in the back of the pocket-sized Gospel. As soon as we finished, she told me she could tell that something changed inside her!” 

It’s such a thrill to find yourself scheduled in God’s appointment book. Maybe like Mark, you’ve recently been the last stop on someone’s journey to faith, or maybe you have more experience as a stepping stone, like the Christians who shared the Gospel in Japan.  Regardless, every time you hand out a pocket-sized Gospel you’re part of a divinely ordained meeting to fulfill the Great Commission… one life at a time!

Are you ready for your next meeting?

Stock up on pocket-sized Gospels today and make sure you’re prepared to share the Good News the next time you find yourself in a simple moment that could have an eternal impact! 

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