Wonby1 - Ksenia’s Story

Wonby1 - Ksenia’s Story

Ksenia is a young woman who often walks down the streets of her hometown Kalinigrad, a small city set just off of Poland. Many residents overlook its beautiful seaport every day.

But many of the people there have never heard about Jesus Christ. Thankfully, believers like Ksenia are willing to show them the true light and peace found in the Gospel.  

“We have had an outreach in the city and distributed PTL Gospels for people right on streets,” Ksenia said. 

These people may have just been out for a stroll, or on their way to go shopping and do business. But God saw fit to use these everyday activities for His eternal glory.

Ksenia doesn’t have to go far to find people to serve either. Some people who live in Kalinigrad experience hunger, right in Ksenia’s own backyard. 

Faithfully, Ksenia chooses to help them. She works with a ministry called “Feed the Hungry” every Thursday, meeting their physical needs and sharing God’s Word.

“Many people already know about it [the ministry] and on the regular basis come to our meetings where they expect to have food, the Word of God, prayers and a Pocket Gospel as a gift.”

Thank the Lord for His Word being spread in this city! You never know how God will use even the simplest of services. 

Something as simple as a meal could open the door for giving the Word of God to people who need Him so much.

In Ksenia’s city, that means handing out pocket Gospels on the streets and feeding the hungry. What small service could God use to reach people in your hometown?

There are League Members all over the world serving in these “little” ways, just like Ksenia. They don’t have to travel long distances or gain special skills to share God’s Word. 

They’re serving God right where they are! Their small services are winning people to Jesus Christ, one person at a time. 

Thank you for all you do to. PTL members like you are Reading, Carrying, and Sharing the Gospel everyday, and supporting each other as together, all of us work to carry out The Great Commission.

Stay prepared for those small, everyday moments where you can share the Gospel.

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