Wonby1 - Jane’s Story: An Open Door

Wonby1 - Jane’s Story: An Open Door

God’s Word is an open door. People simply need to know about Him so they can walk through that door.  – And right into a relationship with Him.

Jane and others at her pregnancy help center love leaving that door wide open for people who come into their clinic. 

“At our Pregnancy Help Center, we often pray we are able to hand a Book of John to our clients and they would be receptive to hearing the Gospel,” Jane said.

These pregnancy center workers are trusting God. They know He will bring them the right people at the right time.  

For one woman, that right time happened to be an unplanned moment when she was just passing by. Jane recalls the story:

“The other day, we had an open schedule, and so our sandwich board was placed on the sidewalk in front of our building. A woman was jogging by and saw the sign. By the time she reached the corner, she had decided to stop in for a Free Pregnancy Test, just to see.”

It seems God had other plans for this chance meeting. He wanted to give this woman a clear opportunity to know Him! 

“Her test was positive and our consultant was able to provide hope for this young woman and the baby she was carrying. Before the woman left, she had heard the Gospel and received a Book of John along with an appointment to return for an ultrasound. 

“When she came back for the ultrasound, she indicated she had read the small book and engaged in a spiritual discussion with the consultant as a result of the questions she had. Praise God! Seeds were planted and watered that day,” Jane said. 

When we’re eager to share God’s Word, that’s exactly what will happen! His Word will spread.  And His message of true love and hope will reach people just like this woman. 

This woman was open to the Gospel. She was ready to know more about His amazing grace. She just needed to hear! Thanks to the work of Jane and the Pregnancy Help Center, she did hear about Christ. 

So that brings us to the question: How could you get involved so that others can know our Savior?

In our experience hearing from thousands of PTL Members, these ‘chance’ meetings happen all the time. What starts out as an everyday jog, doctor’s visit, or grocery store run so often turns into an opportunity to share God’s Word. 

You could help people like Jane share more Gospels of John! Help by sponsoring fellow believers with these Gospels today.

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You could make a difference in someone’s life. You could empower believers to fulfill God’s Great Commission. And you could hand others a message that will change their eternity.

From Jane: “Thank you, sponsors, for the handy Book of the Gospel of John pocket testaments!”

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