Wonby1 - Hope for the world on the streets of Kiev!

Wonby1 - Hope for the world on the streets of Kiev!

The streets get crowded in Kiev on International Women’s Day. Much like Valentine’s Day in the U.S., Women’s Day brings out couples and families to celebrate the women who mean so much to them. 

It’s a favorite holiday – and a unique opportunity to reach people for Christ. 

Early in the day a small team of League Members gathered in Independence Square to construct a stage, set up sound equipment, and pray. Their prayers began with gratitude… thanking God for such an incredible opportunity to share His love with so many. 

Then almost like it was planned, the city came alive, people flooded the square, and the thousands began to celebrate. 

From the stage rang out the beautiful voice of Oksamita Novachuk, a popular Christian singer and broadcaster in Ukraine who has a God-given passion to use her gift to win souls for Christ. Couples and families celebrated to the music, even as their hearts were touched by the message of hope it shared. 

And that’s when they received it – a Gospel of John. The Word of God about the Word of Life.  

2,500 people opened their hands to receive God’s Word that day. And we’re praying that 2,500 hearts are changed by the message of His love and grace through Jesus Christ. 

It’s so easy these days to grow cynical and lose hope. But these brothers and sisters chose instead to share hope. God is not limited by the problems facing our world. Instead, He’s moving powerfully through believers like you to transforms lives.  

As Oksamita shared… 

“We live in a unique time! We have a great opportunity to talk about Christ and spread the Gospel during the holiday on the main square of our capital!  

What an encouraging outlook for all Christ-followers… “We live in a unique time!” That’s the attitude of a heart grounded in Jesus and eyes set fully on His face. And that’s the hope we can carry with us every day as we share His Word.  

So please – order your Gospels today and be ready to make the most of this unique time God has given you to share the Hope of Jesus with the world.

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