The Trek Thru Romans - Day 7

The Trek Thru Romans - Day 7

This is perhaps a chapter that is one of the biggest wrestling matches I have ever read! Paul is wrestling with the idea of the Law (shouldn’t I be a good boy?) and Grace (but if I am forgiven, then why do I torture myself by trying to be a good boy?) I am not trying to make light of this situation, only to simplify it. 

And it is personal for all of us... we need to look in the mirror and ask, “Why do I do the very things I know I am not supposed to do? And does God still love me? and if He does... then, well....” 

Hang in there, we are about to get to a place where you are going to see the daylight! 

It is hard to think of yourself as “wretched” isn’t it? But in Christ we don’t have to continue living in a “wretched” way.

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I am praying for you as you live in light of the grace of Christ that frees you from sin, 


David J. Collum

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  • Amazing grace how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me....WAIT A MINUTE! Me a wretch?Why is it hard for people to see themselves as a wretch like the Apostle Paul saw himself in Romans 7?
  • Many churches and believers have stopped talking about the reality of sin because it is offensive. What are the dangers of not talking about sin? What joys do we miss out on in the Gospel when sin is left out?
  • Do you ever get discouraged in your battle with ongoing sin as a Christian? What is your reaction to sin in your life? Is it despair? Is it repentance? Is it greater hope and appreciation for Christ? Explain.
  • How does recognizing the depth of your wretchedness and sinfulness help you to have a greater appreciation for God’s love, grace, and mercy?
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