The Trek Thru Romans - Day 14

The Trek Thru Romans - Day 14

I like things that are “cut and dry”. I do not like “gray areas” at all. Yet for those of us seeking to follow Jesus, we'll constantly be put in situations where people are not following what the Bible teaches. Sometimes we withdraw into our church community only to find that even in those environments we end up arguing. For me, I just want life to clear and simple without all the arguing... 

Yet if I reflect on Jesus’ life on earth, it was in the middle of arguments, and broken people, and sin...that the Love of God shined...not compromising...not condoning...not giving up on the Law...but shining Light and Love. 

Let me just emphasize a point...people use this chapter to justify all sorts of “things”. This chapter is first about having a relationship with God and His Son Jesus...that you are completely confident in Him and His Word. 

Romans 14 is not long, but it will give you a bit to consider before you read my notes.

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May your life be full of “liberty without license” for the glory of God, 


David J. Collum

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  • Are you persuaded by the fact that God loves you? Why do so many people, including Christians, possibly lack confidence in God’s love for them?
  • What are some liberties in a Christian’s life that would need to possibly be limited in certain situations to keep a weaker brother from stumbling?
  • What is the difference between legalism and limiting permissible practices for the sake of others?
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