The Gospel speaks every language!

The Gospel speaks every language!

What would you do for your 15th Wedding Anniversary? For League Members Jessica and Troy, their answer was to spread the Good News at Laguna Beach. And they came prepared for any one – and any language – God put in their path. 

“I had Gospels of John in seven languages in my purse,” Jessica shares, “and we had more back at the hotel.”  

It was clear from the start that God was orchestrating their steps. 

“As we walked down the beach, we met a group of foreign tourists taking each other's pictures. Troy and I went over and offered to take their picture so they could all be in it. Then we asked them their first language, and they said ‘Chinese.’ So we gave them a Chinese Gospel.” 

Jessica then saw another group of Asian tourists down the beach a way. She said, “I knew we were out of Chinese Gospels, so I prayed, ‘Lord, please lead us to people who speak another language.’ And sure enough, God came through… the next group spoke Korean! So we gave them a Korean Gospel.” 

Next, God decided to move a little bit to the west and led Jessica and Troy to a Persian-speaking woman from Turkey.  

“After we gave her a Persian Gospel,” Jessica shared, “she burst into tears and said, ‘God must have known I needed prayer.’ We prayed for her right then and there.” 

On and on the story went. God kept leading Jessica and Troy to the right person who spoke the right language for the right Gospel they had in their possession. At their hotel, the couple met a mail carrier from Vietnam. He smiled as they handed him a Vietnamese Gospel. At an art gallery that evening, they met another Persian-speaking woman and gave her a Gospel. 

“She said she was Muslim but had respect for Christians… she said ‘Jesus is in the Qur’an.’” Jessica responded, “Yes, in the Qur’an, Jesus is ‘Isa al-Masih.’ Then I pointed to the Gospel of John in her hand and said, ‘This tells Isa al-Masih’s true story.’”  

Seven Gospels in several languages and God used every one of them to invite people to meet Jesus. All Jessica and Troy did was be faithful to Read, Carry, and Share God’s Word. 

Let God orchestrate your steps today. Order your Gospels – in multiple languages – and see who God leads you to so they can read of His love in their heart language!

Mollie Yoder Guest Appearance on the iWork4Him Podcast

Mollie Yoder Guest Appearance on the iWork4Him Podcast