Teach Kids the Gospel with The Salvation Poem

Teach Kids the Gospel with The Salvation Poem

He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the Lord. – Psalm 40:3

When kids learn in school, their teachers use many activities to help them remember. So as your kids study God’s truth, why not include fun learning activities then too? To do so, you can teach kids the Gospel with The Salvation Poem.


What the Poem Is All About.

The authors of The Salvation Poem, Matt and Sherry McPherson, wanted to create a tool for kids to remember the Gospel. They wanted this amazing truth of salvation depicted in a simple, unforgettable way. 

While creating The Salvation Poem, the authors prayed that many children would come to know Christ as Savior. And guess what? God answered that prayer in a mighty way!

James D., a League Member from Missouri, says:

“We recently used the Children's Salvation Poems at a VBS while on a mission trip to Navajo Nation in Arizona. We did a daily VBS at one church, and then nine in three days at another location. We saw several saved and baptized and were excited to use the booklets as a resource and then give them to the kids attending.” 

How does the poem help bring the Gospel to kids? 

It gives them a fun, easy way to remember it. By memorizing the poem, children are learning that Jesus died for sinners like them, that they can ask Him for forgiveness, and that God can help them live for Him.

That’s a message that will change their lives!   


Kids Love Singing The Salvation Poem. 

Kids can use The Salvation Poem in many different ways, including singing it! 

How often do you get a song stuck in your head? You can use this to your advantage when you teach kids the Gospel. 

Scholastic even says that singing is important to kids’ learning. Songs contain different sounds, pitches, and patterns that help children learn the language more quickly (1). 

Even more important, patterns like rhyming and alliteration help them remember the words.

Now that you know how helpful songs are, try singing The Salvation Poem with your kids! 

Do you have a child that can play an instrument? Add more fun with singing as they play The Salvation Poem themselves. 

Get the sheet music here


Color with The Salvation Poem.

Another way to teach kids the Gospel is to interact with it. The authors of The Salvation Poem make that easy for you with a printable coloring book.

Kids will see the poem as they bring color and life to the pages. Then, you can easily review and talk about salvation while they’re busy coloring.  


Use The Salvation Poem Book.

Not only can kids sing and color The Salvation Poem, they can also read it! The Salvation Poem book has fun, colorful illustrations inside, but it also tells the Gospel story. 

Young readers can read how God created the world and later made a way for people to be with Him in Heaven. Then, they can learn The Salvation Poem and find several Bible verses to help them understand salvation. 

There’s even a pre-school edition for children under age 6! 

Since each Gospel package comes in a set of 10, children can also share The Salvation Poem book with their friends.

Whether you use the book at home to teach kids the Gospel or hand it to other children, The Salvation Poem book will provide a unique, fun way for kids to remember the Gospel.

Betty T. from Tennessee says this: 

“I gave my six-year-old niece a pocket Gospel and she goes around reading it to people. She tells everybody that she loves Jesus. I was amazed at how much she likes the yellow-covered Salvation Poem.”

Ready to get started with The Salvation Poem?


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