Spring Break! Help Students Leave With Christ, Not Regrets

Spring Break! Help Students Leave With Christ, Not Regrets

Hopefully you avoided the movie "Spring Breakers" that came out in 2013. It was an indecent and offensive movie that highlighted the need for God's spirit to sweep across Florida beaches. But, it drew so much attention because it featured former wholesome Disney stars Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens in shocking lead roles. 

The movie also captured the darkness and un-Christ-like environment that young people are exposed to while on break from high school or college. Unfortunately, the darkness masquerading as light is appealing to many students who want to lose themselves for a week. We know it's our sin nature, but our culture makes it acceptable, which makes it even more appealing. 

That's why it's so important to reach future leaders and decision-makers with God's Word. 

Students are at the crossroads of life - they could make irrational decisions that lead to massive regret or find true fulfillment through Jesus Christ. And, we really want them to find Jesus! According to travel site Orbitz, more than 50 percent of college students planned spring break trips in 2015. That's millions of students thinking about life choices. 

When those students planned their trip to Florida, Texas, or California, they were thinking about belonging to something bigger than themselves. It's spring break - a gathering point for so many people. Yet, the end of that road is emptiness and unfulfillment because it's a temporary escape. We know that true "belonging" is being in God's family. That comes from a relationship with our Father and believing that Jesus is our savior, as identified in the Gospel of John. 

But, how do you convince spring-breakers to drop what they're doing and follow Jesus when that person is so adamant about living it up? You let the Word of God do the talking! 

Think about your position this Spring Break. You probably fall into one of three categories.

  1. You are traveling/know someone who is traveling for Spring Break.
  2. You live in a Spring Break hot spot.
  3. You will encounter a spring-breaker while vacationing with your family.

But, just because you or the people around you are on vacation does not mean the Gospel of John is on vacation. God's Word is active and alive year-round! 

So, take the time to be a participant by ordering these Gospel of John booklets in advance so that you can share God's Word during this Spring Break season. You could be influencing the next generation of Christian leaders who are currently lost, seeking, or looking to belong, but making the wrong choices.

(1) Abundant Life.

The cover design of a beautiful beach and colorful umbrellas is an instant conversation-starter with spring-breakers. 

If you live in a spring break hot spot, you should have these booklets handy to pass out to visitors that you encounter. Or, if you are traveling to a spring break destination, you should equip yourself to share the Gospel of John. 

Help them find the Abundant Life with this booklet focusing on the warmth of God's love, forgiveness, and joy. Included is the full Gospel of John, plan of Salvation, decision page, and the QR code. You could place these booklets at the check-in counters of local hotels, inside popular restaurants, or even local convenience stores where visitors gather for food and supplies. It's an entry point to start a conversation. 

Instead of a teenager or older college student returning home with sunburn and regrets, make sure they return to school with the life-changing knowledge of Jesus. Order a batch of the "Abundant Life" booklets to get started on your mission. 

(2) Cleared For Takeoff. 

Picture yourself sitting next to a stranger on a plane, train, or bus. The conversation is light, but enjoyable. You might even discover a random item in common, like you were born the same year or went to the same college. 

What if you could take the next step and introduce that stranger to Jesus? Or, if that person is already a Christian, help them reach others for Christ? 

The "Cleared for Takeover" booklet is all about reaching others while you are traveling for spring break. It could be the stranger sitting next to you, or even a crew member on your airplane flight. 

The amazing cover photo of a jumbo-sized plane moving through a beautiful sky will captivate your audience and draw them in to learn more. Inside the booklet is the life-changing Gospel of John, plan of Salvation, and decision page. Plus, the QR code. Once you find yourself in a position to share Jesus with others, think about this prayer when prompted by the Spirit. 

"Dear God, give me the wisdom and discernment to know what to say to this person. Help me to speak effectively on your behalf to bring a new person to eternal life." 

We know the power of God's Word to transform lives, but others unfortunately do not. We can't just assume that people are rejecting God by engaging in sinful actions while on Spring Break. Sure, some people really are turning away from God. But, others simply do not know better because they have never been exposed to Truth! 

One group of Christians recently started "Beach Reach" targeting spring-breakers in South Padre Island, Texas. They took a step in faith to help change people from the "party team" to Jesus' team. League member Roger C. from Dana Point, Calif. had a similar experience. God placed a man in his life who had a drinking problem just like he used to have. Through sharing the Gospel of John with this man he met on the beach, he was able to pour life change into him. 

Roger wonders if the Lord permits His angels to pay special attention to him because of how much impact his experiences can have on people in similar situations. Or, if angels push strangers into him because he can share truth on the beach. 

It's a reminder that we can all make an impact on the lost, lonely, or hurting just by using our past or current circumstances. You might have even been a spring-breaker in your past before accepting Jesus. You can share your experience with someone walking down the same path you've been before, just like Roger did. 

So, be an agent of change by sharing these Gospel of John booklets. As the movie "Spring Breakers" documented, there is an entire world of darkness that is fighting for people's hearts, minds, and souls. 

You can help fight against this force by giving the gift of life, hope, and truth of Jesus Christ to spring-breakers this year. 

Help save a spring-breaker by sharing these Gospel of John booklets!

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