Shake Off the Winter Blues:  11 Ways to Share the Gospel

Shake Off the Winter Blues: 11 Ways to Share the Gospel

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Most people look forward to Christmas and the season cheer, but what happens when the holidays are long gone and the cold weather is still persisting? You might find yourself feeling stuck inside and a little blue. The good news is that it’s an awesome opportunity to make someone else’s day——and what better way than the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We’ve got a few cozy (and effective) ways to share the Gospel in the dead of winter. 


Share Every Day

You might not see people outdoors as much as in the summer, but you can still find some natural ways to share the Gospel. Just remember to be genuine and think through the most likely scenarios you might encounter so that you can be prepared.

Try these:


1. Snow-Shoveling 

If you live in an area where it snows or ices during the winter, you and your neighbors are bound to meet in it sometime. Whether you’re both shoveling snow or scraping ice off your cars, you can strike up a quick conversation. Keep your Gospels handy during times when your neighbor might be in a hurry, and you’ll never miss an opportunity.

Helpful hint: You can stretch your time with your neighbor and show kind hospitality by lending a hand. If you both have some time, you can even invite him inside for a nice warm cup of joe!


2. Winter Fever 

You and your friends are probably itching to get out after long days inside. Organize a weekly shopping spree or coffee night to get everyone out of the house, and invite a few unsaved people along. Then just as everyone’s saying their goodbyes, pass out goodies and the Gospel of John.

Helpful hint: For a shopping spree, nobody needs to feel pressured to buy anything. Window-shopping with friends is just as enjoyable, and keeps away the excuses from coming!


3. A Neighborhood Shoe Drive

Even though the holidays have passed, people still have the hearty joy of the season——so they might be willing to participate in a neighborhood shoe or coat drive. 

Make a list of things you will need for it, including both big and small items so that everyone can get involved. Then, ask your neighbors if they’d be willing to donate their time or resources. 

Here’s the important part: Once the drive is over, send everyone a thank-you card or shoe drive update with a Gospel delivered inside!



4. Cozy Movie Night

Not many people would refuse a warm potluck-style dinner and some company in the middle of the winter. Invite a mix of believers and non-believers over for a family-friendly movie night, complete with popcorn, laughter, and God’s Word! 

Who knows? Maybe you’ll even get into a deep conversation where believing friends can pull from each others’ knowledge of God to present the Truth.


5. Eyes Wide Open

Needs arise unexpectedly every day, and meeting those needs gives you many opportune ways to share the Gospel with those around you. You just never know when those needs will happen; so you’ll have to keep your eyes wide open. 

In the wintertime, you’ll have plenty of chances to step in for others. For instance, winter weather can cause more traffic accidents than other seasons. In fact, over 40 percent of weather-related car accidents happen in winter conditions like slushy or icy roads.

Sometimes, those accidents only leave a few nicks and scratches, but more leave people with unexpected injuries and car repairs. If you know that a neighbor or coworker has been in a car accident recently, offer to help. You can take their shift at work, give them rides or a tow, or leave an anonymous donation to help pay for repairs. 

Helpful Hint: Other ways to share the Gospel that might come up: leaving a care package and flowers to cheer someone up, buying an acquaintance some much-needed winter clothes, or sending hot soup to a sick neighbor.


Getting Un-Stuck Inside

Are you stuck inside because of the snowy or icy weather? Maybe you’re even just finding that you have some extra time and no clue what to do with it. 

Ephesians 5 says, “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil” [emphasis added].

We definitely call planning ways to share the Gospel a good use of time! Keep a few ideas like these in your closet to pull out on a wintry day.


6. Keep the homeless cozy.

The wintertime is when people think about the homeless the most. Turn that thinking into action by stuffing warm hats with much-needed supplies.

A few things to put inside: a pocket Gospel, a list of homeless or other local ministries, trail mix, chap stick, and a bus pass. Check out our video to see exactly how it’s done!


7. Bake cookies.

Your local police and fire department are still hard at work during this season, and they could probably use a sweet surprise. 

Bake off a few dozen cookies with your time on hand and drop them off as the weather allows. Of course, hand out pocket Gospels while they’re busy polishing off your snack!



8. Write a letter.

When was the last time you talked with some of your family members? Long-lost aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins take a backburner in our busy lives. But they might be more receptive to the Word of God coming from family than a total stranger. 

During your “stuck inside” time, give a handwritten letter some heartfelt thought, include a message about God’s plan for them, and drop it off in the mailbox the old-fashioned way. 


9. Be the neighborhood hero.

Kids are always waiting for that notorious snow/ice day to get them out of school. When it comes, you’ll probably see many neighborhood kids out sledding and making snowmen. 

With their parents’ permission, take the kids out some warm treats and hot chocolate to give them a break! Then, pass out pocket Gospels to take home later.


10. Create snow day kits.

As an alternative to the hand-delivered hot chocolate, you could create kits to pass out on a snow day. 

Stuff a basket or pail with some of these: granola bars, sweet treats, batteries, matches, a flashlight or candles, a deck of cards, fuzzy socks or mittens, hot tea, canned soup, and the Gospel of John. 

For kids, you could include coloring books, crayons, easy crafts, bite-sized snacks, and our kid-themed pocket Gospels!

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11. Make encouragement bags.

Last, you can easily make encouragement bags while you’re stuck inside during the winter. Use paper sacks or those clear goody bags to fill with bright and cheerful things. 

Start with a pocket Gospel, then add in encouraging notes and Bible verses that go along. Keep going with fillers like sweet scents, bubble bath, or gift cards and pass out to anyone at any time!

Even through the wintry weather, we can take the Gospel to others and help people in meaningful ways. Whether you’re handing out warm hats on the streets or helping out a coworker, God loves to see your willing heart and open hands. 

Now that you have a bagful of ways to share the Gospel this winter, let’s get going! Maybe you need some momentum to help you along. Take our free, self-paced course on evangelism starting today, and find yourself empowered and challenged to spread the Good News –

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