Planning Your Fall Evangelism Outreach

Planning Your Fall Evangelism Outreach

Question #1 - Who among my family and friends doesn't know Christ? 

Also consider those who know of Christ but may not have a growing relationship with the Lord. When you present them with a pocket-sized Gospel of John, tell them your experience of God's great love and grace. Then encourage them to discover it for themselves by reading the Gospel of John. 

“We use these Gospels of John as a holiday outreach between Thanksgiving and Christmas, particularly at family and school-related events.” - Tim R. from Waltonville, IL

Question #2 - Who do I see often that I've never witnessed to? 

A barista, co-worker, neighbor or bus driver, who do I know that needs the hope of Christ? 

“I believe that the Lord wants me to give the Gospels of John out everywhere before Thanksgiving - to the clerks at stores and gas stations that I've seen hundreds of times, but have never shared with. I plan on giving them the Gospel of John and telling them that when I think of all that I'm thankful for, what Jesus has done in my life is by far the most important blessing. ” - LaDawn S. from Fridley, MN

Question #3 - What communities need an extra blessing?  

Does your church have a homeless ministry that you can partner with? Is there a single mother you can encourage? Or an elderly community that needs the joy of Lord?

“Our church is feeding the homeless on Thanksgiving Day. This is our fourth year of this ministry. We include a pocket-sized Gospel of John for each family!” - Mary P. from Old Town, FL

Question #4 - Can I build an evangelism team? 

Consider your family, small group and co-workers. Who can you equip and partner with to make an kingdom impact? Don't forget the generation below you. Leading by example can be an effective way to help others develop a lifestyle of evangelism.

Question #5 - What is my evangelism goal?

Setting a goal can add extra excitement to your evangelism outreach! It can also serve as a great motivator to step outside of your comfort zone. How many people do you want reach? 10 people, 150 people or 3,000 people - that's how many pocket-sized Gospels of John you should order! 

Remember that a large part of evangelism is planting the seed! That's what you are doing each time you share a pocket-sized Gospel of John. Your Thanksgiving evangelism outreach doesn't need fancy - it simply needs to be focused on getting The Word into people's hands.

 Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.” John 6:35

What does maximum impact for God look like in your life?

What does maximum impact for God look like in your life?

Reading the Gospel of John with 30,000 of Our Friends

Reading the Gospel of John with 30,000 of Our Friends