How to Keep Your Kids’ Summer  Focused on the Gospel

How to Keep Your Kids’ Summer Focused on the Gospel

Kids thrive through interactive teaching of the Bible, as we hope you’ve noticed through PTL’s many kid-themed resources. However, just as you can help them grow in learning God’s Word, you can also help your kids share the Gospel.


Helping Kids Share the Gospel—It’s Important

Christian children have a responsibility to share Christ, just as adults do. 

Age means little to God. He has the sovereign power to use Christians of all ages, shapes, and sizes. And Christian adults have good reason to teach kids how to share. 


God commands it.

This reason alone should make you nod your head in agreement and help your kids obey this command. You might know the verse:

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” – Matthew 28:19-20

God didn’t put an age limit on His command. The only requirement is that your children must trust God as their Savior first. 


It focuses their minds on Christ.

Do you desire to raise a family dedicated to your Lord and Savior? 

Sharing the Gospel will do just that. It will help your kids’ minds stay on Christ and lead them to make other godly choices in their lives. 

Plus, teaching kids early will stave off fear and uncertainty for sharing the Gospel as adults. 

How to Get Started

Before you get started on teaching your kids, understand that you are God’s instrument. He is using you to disciple your kids.

However, God doesn’t place the entire weight on you. That is why you should soak this teaching in prayer and let God guide you through the process. 

Then, you can move onto helping your kids share the Gospel! 


Lead by Example.

One of the best ways to help kids share the Gospel is to lead by example. From an early age, your children will notice how you witness to others around you. When they accept Christ, they can easily follow your footsteps.

One PTL League Member tells how her daughter picked up on sharing:

“After a particularly tiring day, I gave up on cooking and so we were at a restaurant. 
“We had finished up eating, and I was trying to gather up our things, sign the check, and get us all loaded back up into the car when then 3-year-old Olive stopped me and said, ‘Mom, let’s give her a Gospel!’” 
“So I had one in the diaper bag that I was able to pull out, write a nice note in, and let Olive hand to the server. Then, unprompted, as we walked to the car, she said, ‘Mom, giving out Gospels is one way we can help Jesus!’


Get Kids Involved.

Not only can you teach kids sharing by example, you can also get them involved! Simple ways to include them might be:

  • Ask where they would like to share the Gospel this week, such as the park, grocery store, or school.

  • Get their ideas on how to carry the Gospel. They might put them in the car, in a purse, or in a lunch bag or backpack. 

They could also keep one in a coat or pants pocket by using a PTL pocket-sized Gospel! Children might like to use the Love Coloring Book or Gods Words to You Gospels which have interactive or colorful covers.


Practice with Them.

Next, you will need to spend time teaching them how to share directly. Choose a simple method that they can easily remember. Then, after explaining what to do, let them practice telling the Gospel at home.

We have several strategies you can implement with your kids during this teaching time. Check out at least 3 of those strategies here.

One easy tool that kids can use is a kid-themed Gospel of John! Using these Gospels to help kids might go like this:

You choose to use the Amazing Grace Gospel in your teaching. To start, you show your child how to flip through the pages and explain Jesus’ story in the Gospel. You let them see how the pictures could remind them what to say. 

Once you reach the end of the story, you demonstrate how to ask someone to receive Jesus. You highlight key phrases in the back of the Gospel as a reminder. Then, you point out the example prayer that a friend can pray. 

During practice time, let the Lord guide you in how best to teach your kids. 

Alvin Reid, a professor of evangelism and student ministry at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, recommends letting your children use their strengths when sharing. 

In one article, Reid mentions how one of his children shares best when he knows the structure. Another child loves to share in the moment (1). 

You can implement this idea in your practice as well. Cater the practice time to your child’s needs, whether they need to practice in steps or all at once. 


Gospel-Focused Craft Ideas

As you’re teaching kids to share, you can also expose them to the Gospel in fun ways! Here are a few craft ideas to use this summer:

1. The Wordless Book Bracelet

Age range: 3-8 years

Making a Wordless Book bracelet is a great craft for young kids! Simply have them string Gospel-colored beads onto an empty bracelet, then tie the ends together. 

Some older kids might enjoy this craft too. You can allow these to decorate the bracelet with charms or colored string.  

Also, the colors can help kids remember parts of the Gospel to share with others! For instance, the color red could mean the blood of Christ.

2. Paper Plate Decoration

Age range: 4-6 years

Let kids color a picture on a paper plate. To focus on the Gospel, you can instruct them to draw a picture of the cross and tomb. 

As they’re coloring, you can explain the Gospel story or have them repeat it back to you! For added fun, let them decorate with cutout shapes, glitter, stickers, or other craft materials.

3. Baking for Seniors

Age range: 7-12 years

Have kids bake a goodie of their choice to give to seniors! They can decorate a gift bag and include the Gospel inside. 

With this idea, you can easily help your kids share the Gospel with seniors at a nursing home. 

4. Gift Bag Gospel

Age range: 7-15 years

Let your kids help you pick out items for Gospel gift bags. They can assemble, decorate, and even choose where to hand them out. As they’re ready, older kids can explain the Gospel to people in the location they picked. 

For the two above ideas, younger kids can also do these activities but may need more assistance.

Just as kids can learn truths in God’s Word, they can also learn how to share it! Help your kids share the Gospel now with intentional teaching. Later, you will reap the rewards as people hear Christ through their witness! 



  1. Alvin L. Reid, “Teach Your Children to Share the Gospel,” 22 November 2005,
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