Fun Tips to Help Kids Memorize Scripture

Fun Tips to Help Kids Memorize Scripture

Teaching kids to memorize Scripture is like handing them a ticket to immeasurable wealth. It’s giving them a tool worth more in value than a mine full of gold. 

The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul. . . . More to be desired are they than gold, even much fine gold; sweeter also than the drippings of the honeycomb. — Psalm 19:7,10 

Memorizing Scripture might take a little purpose and thought. But the end result will do wonders in preparing your kids for the future. 


Why Memorize Scripture?

Your children might hear the Word of God all the time. But like any other skill, remembering it takes practice.

As kids memorize Scripture, they’ll begin to have a greater understanding of the truth. 

As a result, they’ll be equipped and encouraged to start Gospel conversations with their friends in the future.

One League Member from Mississippi named Stephen says this,

My children have been sharing these pocket-sized Gospels of John and Christ’s love with kids on the school bus. My 9-year-old son helped lead a boy to Christ, thanks to the help from his PTL Gospel of John.

Take a look at these fun tips to help your kids get started!


How to Help Kids Learn at Any Age

Memorizing Scripture can be a simple, fun part of your family’s day. First, Scripture memory works best if kids recall the verse regularly. 

Second, remember to cater to your children’s age and needs. Each child learns differently—so you may need to mix in several ideas to keep things interesting.

With younger kids, you can incorporate visuals and body motions to help them memorize Scripture. For example, you can:

  • Sing Scripture songs.

You’ll find many resources available for singing Scripture with kids, from sheet music to digital audio and CDs. See what you can find at your local Christian bookstore!

  • Use pictures.

Try flashcards with pictures or a large printout as a prompt for memory verses. A great place to start with young ones is the Ten Commandments – and you can use these printable flashcards to go along with it! 

Older kids can also use flashcards with a Scripture reference on the front. 

  • Make hand motions.

Make up your own hand motions for certain words in the verse. For example, you could open your hands like a book or point to your heart for “I have stored up your word in my heart” (Ps. 119:11).

For older kids, you can add in ways to challenge their thinking skills.

  • Create word games/crossword puzzles.

For a crossword puzzle, older kids could see the verse at the top of a page with several blanks. Then, they could fill in the blanks by finding words in the puzzle below.

An easy way to give them a Christ-centered crossword puzzle is to use our new large-print Puzzled Gospel. The cover gives several words kids can look for while the inside provides the perfect place to teach them truths from the Gospel of John. 

  • Explain the verse.

Children will memorize Scripture more easily when they understand it. Explain its meaning at the beginning when you introduce the verse. 

You can even incorporate a fun object lesson, like turning the light on and off for “I am the light of the world” (John 8:12). 


Game Ideas for Scripture Memory

Every kid loves playing games, and games can also help in Scripture memory. Here’s a few easy ideas you can start using right away:

1. Create puzzle pieces.

Each piece can have one or two words on them, and the kids have to put the pieces together to make the verse!

2. Toss a ball.

During family devotions or in the evening, have the family toss a ball around. Whoever gets the ball can say the next word of the verse and pass it along until the whole verse is finished.

3. Make the words disappear.

As kids repeat the verse, erase one or more words and have them repeat again. Eventually, they’ll be able to say it with nothing there!

4. Use rewards.

To get your kids motivated, you can let them collect stickers or points for memorizing the verse each week. After a while, reward them with a fun day trip or an ice cream stop. 


What to Memorize

You have many simple ways to help your kids memorize Scripture at your fingertips! But what verses should you start with? 

Every child can benefit from learning the Gospel of John. As an aid, you can choose one of PTL’s many kid-themed resources, like the Amazing Grace or Gods Words to You

Then, focus on a few key verses that will speak to them about salvation. With these, you can start laying a solid foundation for understanding other verses in the Bible.

Next, you may want to move onto verses that will help in times of trouble or in answering questions. Our Ready Reference Guide is a great resource for this.

Start by devoting a whole family devotion to answering your kids’ questions. 

During this time, use the Ready Reference Guide to show them how to find the answers. First, help them look for headings that sound similar to their questions. Then, they can turn or listen to the Scripture to see what it says.

If they’re old enough, you can even give them their own Ready Reference Guide! The booklets come in packs of 10 when you order; so there’s enough for everyone, including friends from church!

Memorizing Scripture is one of the most valuable tools you can give your kids. By helping them learn in fun, simple ways and arming them with resources, you can make sure your kids are understanding Scripture in a deep and personal way. 

Want to use the Ready Reference Guide as a resource? Order here.

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