Father’s Day: A Day of Giving Back

Father’s Day: A Day of Giving Back

When the tradition of Father’s Day began over a century ago, Sonora Smart Dodd, pushed for her city to recognize her father’s birthday, June 5, to honor William Jackson Smart for his determination to sacrifice for and raise his six children alone. The city agreed and held the special event on June 19 to allow more to time to schedule events.

Now, we celebrate Father’s Day by spending time with our fathers, treating them to special meals and gifts, and looking back on memories with them. Over a century has passed, but Father’s Day still upholds the same roots as the first celebration—as a day of giving back.


Many of you have the blessing of earthly fathers who love the Lord with all their lives. These wonderful fathers have shown great sacrifice in raising and teaching you to love God. Through their deep devotional times with God, enthusiasm to share Christ with others, and dedication to honesty and truth, these godly men inspire others to follow their examples.  

League Member Laura H. from Norman, OK was encouraged by her godly father’s example.

“One day, my dad gave a Walmart gift card to a man that asked for money after we were leaving a restaurant. My dad afterward said that he had been trying to keep them on hand with a $10 balance for those that are in need.
I thought it was a brilliant idea! After I saw that, I wanted to follow suit, but I also wanted to share the Gospel message in some way with it. That's when I found The Pocket Testament League. My dad has always been giving in this way to others, and I know that the gift of these Gospels of John will thrill him as he can combine these with his gift cards for the needy.”

This Father’s Day, many of you will be giving thanks for your godly, sacrificial fathers, just like Laura. You might surprise your father with a visit or put together a scrapbook of memories. You might spend the day playing his favorite games or offering more sweet treats than he can possibly eat in one day. As you’re searching for the perfect way to show honor to your dad, though, consider what Scripture says in Proverbs 23:24:

“The father of the righteous will greatly rejoice; he who fathers a wise son will be glad in him.”


Some fathers may not have come to know Christ as their Savior yet. Whether you’re praying for your own or working to reach other unsaved dads, Father’s Day presents a wonderful opportunity to share Christ! 

League Member Margarita B. from Gwynn Oak, MD shared her plans to give this life-changing gift on Father’s Day:

“Our evangelism ministry will be doing a community outreach before Father's Day in the inner city of Baltimore. We hope to reach as many souls as possible with the Gospels of John.”

Likewise, League Member Carrie W. from Decatur, GA will also be handing out Pocket Gospels:

“For Father's Day, I'm making a little gift bag to give out. I'm using the ‘On the Right Course’ Gospel of John covers and including a God's Word for children. As I say ‘happy Father's Day,’ I will say, ‘this gift is for you.’”

She shared her reason for celebrating Father’s Day this way, leaving a challenge for fathers everywhere, “I believe fathers have an awesome privilege of setting their children on the right course, but may I ask you a question? What is your compass?” 

What a fulfilling way to spend Father’s Day, showing fathers where to ground themselves to better influence their families! This Father’s Day, why not bring honor to both your earthly father and your Heavenly Father by sharing the Ultimate Gift of all? 

You can assemble a Father’s Day bag and share it with dads in your community or hand out Pocket Gospels by themselves during the holiday. You could also tuck a Gospel inside the special gifts that you’re giving to those closest to you. 

Order these Gospels at ptl.org/share to arm yourself for this wonderful sharing opportunity. You will literally be giving the Gift that will change lives.

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