Help That "CEO" Sitting Next To You Truly Know Jesus

Help That "CEO" Sitting Next To You Truly Know Jesus

Do you know what a CEO is? Not in the business world, but in the Christian world. It's someone who attends church on Christmas and Easter Only. 

During your church's Easter service on April 16, you might find yourself sitting next to a CEO who is looking for hope. And you can easily recognize this person because you last saw him or her on Christmas. The question, though, is whether you are equipped to share the Gospel with the person that God puts in your path.

At Easter services, you might find yourself sitting next to a “CEO” who is looking for hope. Click to Tweet

We know it might be uncomfortable to witness to someone at church because, well, you're at church. And, everyone at church already knows God, right? Not necessarily. If people's hearts have been hardened or if they are begrudgingly attending the service, they need life change, too. 

The key to successful evangelism is knowing how to react once you spot a CEO. And then studying their behavior during the Easter service. They are probably doing one or all of the following. (1) Shifting nervously throughout the service. (2) Looking around the church pretending to be interested. (3) Subtly trying to check the time on their watch. 

Once you understand what the CEO is thinking, you have to know how to engage them in conversation. Hearing about Jesus' life, death, resurrection, and the power to transform our lives should be enough to reach even the most hardened heart. But, according to this Church Marketing blog, it's very difficult to reach and retain infrequent or first-time visitors. 

That's why you have such an important role reinforcing the Easter message. This is your opportunity to be an agent for life-change and bring CEOs back to church. How you do that is helping them truly understand the power of God's Word and Jesus' life on earth. 

When you decide it's time to talk to this person, pray about what to say and how to say it. And, be sure to take these pocket-sized "Gospel of John" booklets with you to church for a personal touch. It will help you share what it means to have an authentic, personal relationship with Jesus. 

(1) The Best Gift. 

Easter is about Jesus' death and resurrection. It's about the gift of salvation through Jesus, who died on the cross for our sins. 

That's why "The Best Gift" Gospel of John booklet is the perfect way to help a CEO understand the importance of Easter. 

The cover features a package that just wants to be opened. It will draw in the CEO sitting next to you to read more about how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Inside the booklet is the Gospel of John, plan of Salvation, and decision page. Plus, a QR code to learn more about God. 

Be sure to order these booklets in time for Easter so that you are equipped to reach the CEOs who suddenly appear at church on April 16. 

(2) This Book Is Alive

As the title implies, this Gospel of John booklet is about life through Jesus' resurrection, which is perfect for Easter season. 

Jesus made it very clear that he is the way, truth, and life. And, life change starts with understanding a very basic spiritual principle about water. 

As Jesus said in the Gospel of John Chapter 4, those who drink regular water will thirst again, but those who drink the Living Water will never thirst. 

We pray that Jesus' message will resonate with the CEO sitting next to you in church as much as it did with the woman at the well. Jesus did not shy away from reaching out to the Samaritan Woman by meeting her exactly where she was in life. 

This booklet will help explain what Jesus' message about Living Water means with the full Gospel of John, plan of Salvation, and decision page. It will help you meet CEOs right where they are, too. 

Remember that the ground is fertile during Easter season, so make sure you order plenty of booklets and bring them with you to church on Easter Sunday.

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