Christian Athletes Point To Christ

Christian Athletes Point To Christ

Entering The Sports Lion's Den - How You Can Effectively Point To Christ

Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant walked into the Lion's Den on Saturday night, February 11, 2017. 

The Lion's Den just happened to be in Oklahoma City. And, he was facing the Thunder, not starved lions. Well, Thunder fans in the arena that night acted like starved lions ready to devour Durant. 

Durant was returning to OKC for the first time since leaving the team and city to play for the mighty Golden State Warriors. 

He spent his entire career wearing the Thunder uniform, and then became a free agent before the 2016-2017 season. But, instead of re-signing with Oklahoma City, Durant decided to leave for California to play for a Warriors team already loaded with NBA All-Stars. 

Then came the night when Durant returned to his former city. The crowd was rabid and looking for ways to ridicule their former star player. They taunted him with "cupcake" chants and much ruder comments. Plus, the Thunder players tried to pick fights with their former teammate during the game. 

Durant answered with a team-high 34 points and 9 rebounds. And, his new team won by 16 points. 

After the game, Durant could have gloated about the win or his performance. He could have thrown the taunts right back at the fans who used to cheer him. Instead, he calmly answered questions from the ABC TV reporter and tried to maintain his poise. 

"I've been called worse in my life," Durant said of the chants. "I was counted out before I was even born. Ain't nothing new." 

Durant walked into the Lion's Den and walked out like Daniel looking better for how he handled the forces against him. 

Durant showed what The Ultimate Victory looks like by pointing to Christ. It's having a gameplan for how to handle life's challenges, whether you are a fan in the crowd, high school or college athlete, or Kevin Durant. 

PTL offers "The Ultimate Victory" Gospel of John booklet to reach non-believers with the powerful Word of God. 

Included in this sports-themed Gospel of John is a gameplan for how to reach athletes and sports fans that God places in your path today. 

You can share this Gospel by leaving some in the locker room, taking the time to talk to fans in the stands, and encouraging teammates and even opponents with the Word of Life. God might be highlighting someone right now in your mind. 

Like all of the Gospel of John booklets, there is a Plan of Salvation and decision page along with the Biblical passages. Plus, a QR code on the back of the booklet provides a quick link to learn more about God. 

This is about helping other people understand what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and making sure they receive eternal life. 

Whether or not Kevin Durant won his game on February 11 is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. How Durant carried himself in the face of major adversity defined whether he won on that Saturday night. 

With all eyes on him, Durant displayed The Ultimate Win found in the Gospel of John. 

Do you know a sports fan or athlete who is facing adversity - whether on a small or large scale? Help them find Jesus and understand that their hope and salvation is The Ultimate Victory. It's an opportunity to change someone's life. 

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Plug into the Power of Prayer when Sharing the Gospel

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