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How to Leave a Godly Legacy - Like Helen Cadbury

Birthdays are a significant time when we assess what we’ve accomplished so far in our lives and wonder about what still lies ahead. Everyone has ideas about what they are hoping for during different stages. Helen Cadbury was only 12 years old when she gave her life to the Lord and founded The Pocket Testament League. When she was 33, the League set up a new office in her home country of England, and on January 10th of this year, she would be 141 if she were still alive today. 

Mission: Pro-Life - Starts October 19th

Over this 14-day email course, you will be equipped to more effectively share your faith by refining your own testimony, overcoming any fears of sharing God’s Word and learning practical principles for effectively sharing God’s Word from other believers who are already having an impact in pro-life ministry.

“The word of the Lord was spreading throughout the whole region.” - Acts 13:49 

The word of the Lord spread when evangelists Paul and Barnabas went out and preached the Gospel to other nations! And that’s what’s happening today as The Pocket Testament League establishes a presence in countries around the world. People are hearing, believing, and sharing God’s message of salvation with their family, friends, and neighbors.