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Every day brings divine appointments – are you sharing God's Word?

There’s really no such thing as an ordinary day for a Christian. Sure there’s routine – taking your kids to school, grabbing your morning coffee, attempting to finally work out, and a thousand other hum-drum activities that make up your day. But the fact is that every believer is part of a divine schedule. God’s got you penciled in, and His appointments change lives.

5 Conversation Starters to Share The Gospel in February

February is full of opportunities to talk about the love, freedom and victory available to everyone in Christ! Here are five upcoming sharing occasions along with related themes and ideas to help make it easy for you to get a conversation started. You may also be inspired from League Members’ sharing experiences. Ask the Lord to give you ideas—the possibilities for evangelism are endless.

Happy with our culture?

Have you seen what's on TV lately? If you're like me, you're shocked. Even prime-time programs boldly feature filthy language, casual sex, illicit drug use, violence, and crude story lines. Sure, we all know a TV sitcom isn't for real—it's only a show, right? Right. But here's how what's on TV affects our culture and you...

Could a gospel tossed on a sidewalk have eternal impact?

We have gotten so far away from our agricultural roots, that the concept of Sowing the Word isn't even in our vocabulary any more. The parable of the sower appears in three Gospels, and in Luke 8:8 Jesus says, "he who has ears to hear, let him hear." Do you think He meant it? We are witnesses of the power of God's Word to sprout in lives, changing them forever.