All in Equipping Your Children

How to Keep Your Kids’ Summer Focused on the Gospel

Kids thrive through interactive teaching of the Bible, as we hope you’ve noticed through PTL’s many kid-themed resources. However, just as you can help them grow in learning God’s Word, you can also help your kids share the Gospel. Christian children have a responsibility to share Christ, just as adults do. Age means little to God. He has the sovereign power to use Christians of all ages, shapes, and sizes. And Christian adults have good reason to teach kids how to share.

How do young students feel about Pocket Gospels?

“This will be your opportunity to bear witness.” (Luke 21:13)

When students in a 3rd and 4th grade class pondered how to be the “salt and light” in the world, one student offered to give a Bible to everyone in his neighborhood. Other students loved the idea, but wondered how they could obtain all those Bibles. As is often the case, God gently revealed the answer:  Pocket Gospels!

The teacher suggested 10 apiece. Not enough. She suggested 100 apiece. Still not enough. By the end of class, the students had determined they needed a bazillion of them to properly get the Message to others.

Father’s Day: A Day of Giving Back

When the tradition of Father’s Day began over a century ago, Sonora Smart Dodd, pushed for her city to recognize her father’s birthday, June 5, to honor William Jackson Smart for his determination to sacrifice for and raise his six children alone. The city agreed and held the special event on June 19 to allow more to time to schedule events.

Now, we celebrate Father’s Day by spending time with our fathers, treating them to special meals and gifts, and looking back on memories with them. Over a century has passed, but Father’s Day still upholds the same roots as the first celebration—as a day of giving back.

“Even a child makes himself known by his acts, by whether his conduct is pure and upright.” – Proverbs 20:11

Yes, even kids are known by their actions! That’s why it’s never too early to equip them to share the Gospel. 

To get your kids, grandkids or neighborhood kids excited, we suggest getting them involved when you are picking out which Gospels to order. When the Gospels arrive, take the time to read through it with them. Then introduce the concept of sharing this others. 

Who is Jesus?

You’d be surprised – maybe even shocked – to realize how many people you meet every day who have only a vague idea about Jesus Christ. They’re standing behind checkout counters and sitting in doctors’ offices. They’re riding beside you in the bus and working alongside you in the workplace. No matter where you are, there are people who may have heard about Jesus, but have never met Him.