Evangelism To the Troubled Young

Guest Blogger, Emilou Ilagan

There are so many people hurting all over the world. They need not only comfort, compassion, and love but also the truth. The truth that will set them free.

Many young people in this generation are lost even when their families are believers. They feel much worse inside the home or church than when they are outside.

There is a growing need to teach our children, teens, tweens, and young adults who God really is and who they are in Him. Once they have come to the deep knowledge, relationship, and intimacy with God, they will know their real identity in God – princes and princesses, royalty in the kingdom, sons and daughters of the Most High God. 

For many of them, they suffer terribly in the hands of their drug addicted mom or alcoholic dad or bullying siblings. They lost sight and sense of who they really are. And then they grew up to become rebellious teenagers with negative thinking, destructive behaviors, and patterns of addictions.

We need to witness to the youth and bring them back to God. Youth evangelism should never be taken lightly. Every single day, they are being exposed to domestic violence and abuse, peer pressure, multimedia pornography, among others. 

Let us win them back to God by starting to demonstrate love even in its simplest forms. We can start with the kids or teenagers in our homes. Our dear parents, please engage with your kids, intentionally get involved with their lives, and just be the hands and feet of Jesus to them.

The best evangelism tool that is the most effective is showing the Gospel to people through our thoughts, words, actions and reactions, and the way we relate to people. 

Once we have done that, they will ask us more about God, the Bible, and Christianity. We can then give them one tract or Gospel of John from The Pocket Testament League. 

I have one story to share about one teenage girl in Japan. My mentor there contacted me online and asked me to pray for this girl. She said her family is dysfunctional and her mom just left her and returned to their country. This teenager works for a car company cleaning car interiors. I called this girl immediately in her Skype mobile and she sounded very weak. Little did I know that at that exact moment she slashed her wrists to commit suicide and bleeding to death as we speak.

In my heart, I was asking the Lord if I tell this girl to go to the ER for the doctors to save her. What if she die along the way? Or if I just share the Gospel to her before she passes away so that she is guaranteed in the loving arms of God even if she won't make it that night on earth.

I keep praying in my heart for her as I witnessed to her in a few minutes she still has her breath on. I shared Jesus to her, how much God loves her, and forgives all her sins and ready to offer to her the gift of salvation. Then, I described to her heaven and hell. She said she chooses heaven and I led her to the prayer of salvation following me phrase per phrase.

The thing is, this young girl's wrists stopped bleeding after prayer and she even took a picture of her smiling after receiving salvation and miraculous healing. Glory to God!

To this date, this girl is a Christian and being mentored by the same mentor in Japan.

Like this girl, Luis L. from Brooksville, FL said:

“The youth in our area are struggling! Drugs, suicide, bullying, etc.. Thanks for all the support with the gospels of John! Jesus Cares!”

Imagine what our obedience can do to one of these teenagers if we heed the call for Youth Eva

$8 billion... the shocking amount that Americans spend …

$8 billion... the shocking amount that Americans spend …

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