5 Ways to Share the Gospel this Fall

5 Ways to Share the Gospel this Fall

Witches. Goblins. Ghosts. Darkness. Despite the “sweet” exterior of costumes and candy—Halloween brings sour messages of death, fear and darkness. Instead, be a light to your community by giving God’s Word—filled with sweet words of life, hope and eternal life! What could be sweeter?

Here are some ideas for sharing the Light of the World this fall: 

  1. Wherever you go this fall, have a supply of Gospels in your purse or backpack so you’ll be ready when the Lord sends you opportunities to share your faith.
  2. This Halloween, give kids A SWEET TREAT for the soul - Pocket Testament Gospels.
  3. If you’re taking young ones trick-or-treating, give Pocket Testaments to the people who open the door.
  4. At large gatherings, such as neighborhood events and fall bazaars, set up a small table with Pocket Testament Gospels of John. Personally invite people to take one.
  5. If your church has a fellowship table, ask if you can arrange Pocket Testaments on it along with fall décor, such as leaves, acorns or pumpkins. 

Order your Pocket Testament Gospels for the fall season now! 

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