How to equip your kids to share the Gospel!

“Even a child makes himself known by his acts, by whether his conduct is pure and upright.” – Proverbs 20:11

Yes, even kids are known by their actions! That’s why it’s never too early to equip them to share the Gospel. 

To get your kids, grandkids or neighborhood kids excited, we suggest getting them involved when you are picking out which Gospels to order. When the Gospels arrive, take the time to read through it with them. Then introduce the concept of sharing this others. 

James D. from Rockville, Missouri, sent us this inspiring story:

“We always carry a couple of Pocket Testament Gospels with us. While we were recently at a doctor's appointment, our oldest two children (ages 11 and 9) were in the waiting room playing with a small boy. We found out later that they witnessed to him gave him a gospel.”

As James told us, “It’s so awesome to see our kids share with others!” We agree! Our heart is to see more Christians that are motivated and equipped to share God's Word. If you share that vision, we hope that you are actively investing in and equipping the next generation!

Who can you equip to share the Gospel? Get started today by ordering Pocket Testament Gospels at When you order, please consider a donation to the League. Every dollar helps us to motivate and equip more Christians to read, carry, and share God's Word. 

 Learn to share your faith with confidence!

Learn to share your faith with confidence!

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