Do you want to honor your dad this Father's Day?

Honor Your Dad By Equipping Others With The Gospel!

In honor of Father’s Day, help spread the news of your heavenly Father’s love! Your gift of $25 would enable a needy member to receive a 30-day supply of Pocket Testament Gospels of John. 

Sharron’s sponsor has received this note of thanks:

“Having these Gospels sponsored for our church is a true Godsend. We are small and most of the members are on fixed incomes, these allow us to go to the homeless and minister to the people there when otherwise we would not be able to afford ministry materials to leave with the people. Thank you so much for helping us share the good news of Jesus Christ. We are truly grateful!”

When you sponsor gospel shipments, you’re getting more gospels into the hands of more people. Sponsor one, two, three or four members who are waiting for your help!

How to equip your kids to share the Gospel!

It’s surprising – no, it’s shocking!