It’s surprising – no, it’s shocking!

Who is Jesus?

You’d be surprised – maybe even shocked – to realize how many people you meet every day who have only a vague idea about Jesus Christ. They’re standing behind checkout counters and sitting in doctors’ offices. They’re riding beside you in the bus and working alongside you in the workplace. No matter where you are, there are people who may have heard about Jesus, but have never met Him.

Joanne G. from Slatington, Pennsylvania, was surprised to find someone she met who had little knowledge his Lord and Savior:

"While getting my transmission fixed, I asked the man behind the counter, 'Want a Gospel of John?' He was thrilled, saying his godly grandfather was named John, as is his son. He said he wanted to start going to church or reading the Bible or something. I shared the Gospel message, and this born-and-bred American said he had never heard it before in his thirty-some years!"

Surprised that someone could grow up in this country and never have heard the Gospel message? Shocked? But it happens. People haven’t heard because no one has taken the time to tell them. They haven’t come to Christ because no one has invited them. Here’s what Joanne goes on to say:

"We had a most interesting conversation, and I answered his questions while a mechanic listened in. I decided to get more Gospels of John!"

Pocket Testament Gospels of John are an easy way for you to share the Gospel with someone who has not heard. Bright, colorful themed covers have instant pick-up appeal, so all you need to do is hand it out. People like Joanne are ordering more, and I urge you to place your order now at

Give them the best surprise of their life! 

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 New Gospel: Just in Time Father's Day!

New Gospel: Just in Time Father's Day!