BIG Gospel Shortage in the US! How can you help?

BIG Gospel Shortage in the US! How can you help?

Gospels are out of stock in the US. But can you help!

The Pocket Testament League, we are currently "Out of Stock" of 14 of the 71 Gospel covers we offer in North America (including Spanish translations). We estimate close to twenty five more will be "Out of Stock" in the next 30 days! Others will quickly follow.

Each year we order over 1 million Gospels for our members to share in North America. By ordering a large amount, we save on the printing costs. The League does not have an endowment or corporation that funds us.

Each of these life changing Gospels is provided from precious gifts from people like you… people who know, understand, and trust that God's Word changes lives.

God's Word is the Bread of Life! Jesus declared in John 6:36, "I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty."

Nelson R. from Trumbull, CT shared this story about the power of the Bread of Life:

“Thank you so much for these Gospel of John tools. I use these Pocket Testaments wherever the Lord gives me opportunity. I minister in correctional facilities, rescue missions, and all over. These past months I was able to bless 29 individuals with the Gospel of John in one setting. Of the 29, 17 said yes to Jesus and 4 recommitted theirs live to Jesus. Thank you, thank you!”

Twenty-nine hearts committed to Christ and lives changed for eternity! Luke 15:7, 10 tells us the heaven rejoices the moment someone accepts Christ as their Lord and Savior. When they celebrate, they are also praising God for the folks who provided the Gospels to be shared! If our focus is eternal -- the story above has to excite you too!

Since over half our Gospels go out to members who cannot afford to donate, you can be a huge blessing in getting God's Word into the hands of thousands of souls.

Where is our focus -- this life or eternity?

Consider the return on stocks, real estate and other investments the past several years. Jesus promises an ultimate return of a hundred times -- a 10,000% rate of interest that lasts forever (Matthew 19:29). What investment compares to that in this world!

Dave from Canada wants to thank those who sponsored his orders which brought people to Christ:

“I have been handing out these Gospels of John for a while now, and they are making an impact on a great number of the people I give them to. It is awesome to get a call or a letter from someone saying that they want to be saved and in a world with a Great and loving God. Thank you my sponsors for helping me to bring the word of God to people who otherwise would not have heard of Him or know of Him at all.”

Will you help us get rid of these "Out of Stock" signs and provide the needed Gospels so we can continue to get stories from members like Nelson and Dave? Please pray about your participation in this ministry and see what God might have you provide. Thank you for partnering with us yesterday, today and in the future!

 New Gospel: Just in Time Father's Day!

New Gospel: Just in Time Father's Day!

What difference can $25 make?

What difference can $25 make?