Hop to It and Share Pocket Testament Gospels This Easter

Hop to It and Share Pocket Testament Gospels This Easter


Do more kids today believe in the Easter bunny than in Jesus Christ? It'’s possible. For some, Easter is all about a basket full of colored eggs delivered by a fluffy white rabbit on Easter Sunday morning.

Why do kids think this? Here’'s the bad news: Maybe their parents haven’'t told them anything different. The kids don’'t know because Mom and Dad don'’t know —or have never explained to them what Easter really means. But here'’s the good news: You know the true story, and you can tell it.

Ronnie W. from Sanford, North Carolina, is going to tell what Easter is all about, and here’'s what he is going to do:

“We are planning an outreach the weekend before Easter, and we are expecting a lot of children. Since some kids will be hearing the true story of Easter for the first time that day, we wanted to offer them something tangible to take home telling about Jesus.”

Ronnie and his fellow church members might organize an egg hunt and even provide baskets filled with candy for the kids who come to their outreach event. But most importantly, the kids are going to hear about the true meaning of Easter because Ronnie is going to tell them. Even more, he'’s going to reach their families with the Good News by giving each child a Pocket Testament Gospel of John to take home!

Get the Word out about Easter. Here are some ways you can do it:


  • Ask the people you meet if they know what Easter is all about —and then share the message of Christ’s resurrection. Hand them a Pocket Testament Gospel of John to take home. You will encourage other Christians, and you will open the true meaning of Easter to those who haven'’t heard.


  • Put a springtime-themed gospel in every Easter basket you fill. See our selection of bright, spring-themed Gospel covers. You’'ll find designs appealing to both adults and kids.


  • Make a special point of asking your unchurched friends to join you for Easter Sunday services. Offer to pick them up, and invite them to brunch afterward. Give them a Pocket Testament Gospel with John chapter 20 marked so they can read the resurrection story for themselves.


  • Plan a spring or Easter outreach event at your church. Show a movie or video depicting the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, or get a group together and re-enact the Easter story. Have enough Pocket Testaments on hand so you can give one to each person who attends.


  • Donate Pocket Testaments to your church so people can pick one up as they leave on Easter Sunday. Ask other members to help you with the cost of a large order, or ask your pastor for permission to display a donation basket.


  • Get the youth onboard and offer a free car wash in your church parking lot a week or so before Easter. Give each driver a Pocket Testament Gospel, along with a card listing the times of Easter services and other church events.


  • Organize an Easter basket auction at your church, asking families to donate filled and decorated Easter baskets for the event. In each basket, include a Pocket Testament Gospel, along with times of your Easter Sunday services.

Easter is all about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior! If you know it, —if you believe it —then give the Easter bunny some serious competition. Share the true meaning of Easter with Pocket Testament Gospels of John!

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