50 Ways to Share the Gospel

50 Ways to Share the Gospel

There are an unlimited number of ways to share the Gospel.

Here are 50 ideas for sharing the gospel that we've pulled out of letters and stories our members have told us about.


1.  One young lady sets up a table on Venice Beach each week amidst the many tarot card readers, psychics, other promoters of false beliefs, offering the Gospel of John instead -- a source of true, lasting hope. She only gives these to people she has a conversation with.

2.  One man works in a very large shipyard and hands them out there. He finds many opportunities with the crews that come there from all over the world.

3.  We have many students, both in high school and college, who introduce their Christian clubs to The Pocket Testament League and the ministry of sharing teh gospel. What a great way to multiply your efforts!

4.  One young lady shares teh gospels by always having some in her backpack and finds God opens countless doors for her because she is ready.

5.  One student is giving each member of their Christian club one Gospel to study this year as a lesson and three to hand out.

6.  A couple with a hearing aid business has two offices and makes them available in both waiting rooms.

7.   A high school group set up a table in New Orleans by Jackson Square with a sign that asked "Need Prayer?" This was in the midst of many artists, psychics, fortune tellers, etc. Many people stopped to pour out their hearts.

8.  A Sales Rep for a medical company gives them out to his clients. He has given out over 50 and no one has refused to take one!

9.  We have many people who use them in jail ministries. Some jails and prisons will allow the inmates to become members of The League, order Gospels and share them with others! What a great way to share teh gospel!

10.   A lady owns a women's fitness center with over 400 members and gives them out there. Because of this, two Bible studies have sprung up!

11.  Garage sales are great places to share the Gospels. Set up a display and put up a sign that says "Free -- Take One". Don't forget to give one to everyone who buys something too!

12.  Share teh gospel with a parking lot attendant next time you park your car in a lot. They usually have time and nothing to read.

13.  One lady who has been diagnosed with cancer plans on giving one to every health care provider she comes in contact with.

14.  Many small business owners share teh gospel by putting them up where customers can take one. A doctor in Dalton, GA keeps a supply in his waiting room.

15.  An Emergency Room nurse has countless opportunities to share the gospel with people who are hurting and in need -- both patients and their families.

16.  A church that is located across from a night club in New Haven, CT opens their church between 10:30 pm and 2 am once a month on Fridays. They talk with people leaving the night club and give those who are interested Gospels of John. They also do this on New Year's Eve!

17.  Share the gospel at Christmas. A subdivision that is known for their great Christmas decorations gives them out to each car that enters to look at all the decorated homes at Christmas.

18.  A house call veterinarian who is on the road a lot has many opportunities to share the gospel with the patient's owners.

19.  Two friends dressed up as angels on Halloween and gave out 250 going house to house. What a great trick on Satan!

20.  One person who cleans cabins during the summer leaves a Gospel on each bed before so

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