Frequently Asked Questions about The League

Frequently Asked Questions about The League


What is The Pocket Testament League?

The Pocket Testament League is a non-denominational ministry that began in 1893. Headquarters is in Lititz, Pennsylvania.  The League is managed by a 15-person Board of Trustees.

The League is a faith-based ministry focused on helping to see God's Word shared, and to encourage Christians to Read, Carry and Share the Word of God. Those who are serious about living their faith join to study Scripture, share Gospels and be equipped for a lifestyle of evangelism. Those who want to sponsor others enjoy their role in empowering people to share their faith. Our hearts' desire is to empower every Christian, regardless of financial circumstances, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with no barrier in the way. Our ability to provide Gospels is made possible by gifts from individuals, churches, businesses, missions boards, foundations, and estates. There is no obligation to give to receive sharing resources.

I'm not experienced in evangelism, so can I really share my faith?

Yes, you CAN! Thousands of our members are just like you, with no evangelism training or experience, and they are changing lives! Through ordinary people just like you, God has led hundreds of thousands to Christ. Remember, God does all the work. The Pocket Testament League is here to help you. You may be amazed at how God uses your life and situation to help further the Kingdom.

Do I need special training?

No special training is needed. God provides the training. In many cases, this is "on the job" training. The Pocket Testament League comes along side you to act as a support network through prayer, guidance, and other resources. You might be interested in our innovative and free Evangelism Boot Camp training program. This powerful 7-part course will help you learn how to share your faith, is delivered by E-mail and is self-paced, so you can take as long as you want with each lesson.

Does it cost anything?

A donation is requested at the time of order, but it is possible to receive Gospels for free. We do not wish to have financial issues become a barrier for anyone who wants to give away God's Word to others. Our suggested donation is 65 cents per Gospel, although the actual cost to our ministry is higher. All our online resources are completely free of any donation request.

How can I equip others with Gospels?

We offer a sponsorship program. Those members who are in financial situations that make it impossible to give can ask for sponsorship so that they can receive their Gospels free of charge. We have many sponsors, who seek to encourage those actively sharing their faith by providing financial support in the form of Gospel resources. In return, sponsors are rewarded by receiving stories about changed lives from the people who are being sponsored.

To be sponsored, just place your order and on the checkout page select "Sponsorship" as the payment option. You'll be placed in a queue and when your order rises to the top of the list (usually between 7-10 days), your order will be sponsored by the next sponsorship donation and sent on its way. Your sponsors are partners in your ministry, so encourage them by posting stories of your activity, which they'll receive by Email and in their SponsorConnect news feed.

Sponsored orders are limited to one per month, with a maximum of 30 Gospels of John per order.

Do I get charged for shipping or handling?

No, shipping by standard parcel post is free. You may choose to have your order shipped more quickly u

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