Inspiring Salvation Stories about Pocket Testaments

Inspiring Salvation Stories about Pocket Testaments

Imagine a gift that reaches around the world. Imagine that you can change lives in places where you can’t even speak the language! It’s possible, when you give to The Pocket Testament League. Your gift will equip Christians around the world with God’s Word to Share.


Real Stories... Real People... Eternal Rewards...  when God's Word goes forth it accomplishes His purpose!

My wife works in a nursing home. She was taking care of a gay man dying from AIDS. They began talking one evening, and she asked if she could leave a Gospel booklet with him. He replied if it were anyone but you I would say no! That was her last night working that week, and she had the next three days off. When she returned to work, he had passed. The man's aunt was looking for my wife, and when she found her she pulled the Gospel of John booklet from her pocket and asked if my wife had given it to him. My wife said yes, and the man's aunt said, "Thank you!” She opened the booklet and showed my wife all the passages he had underlined as he had read it, and said that her nephew had called her and asked if her pastor would come to see him, and that day he was saved. The following night he passed.
~ Richard W. from Columbus, OH

Of the last 10 people I handed these out to -3 people got saved. And my own faith was strengthened...
~ Kathy S. from Burnham, PA

Thank you sponsors of Pocket Testaments. You are behind the scenes with every new convert that comes into the Kingdom of our God. I had the opportunity just a few days ago to minister to a young man who just came out of jail; is expecting a baby and he had just finished cutting someone's lawn for money. He gave his life to the Lord and was so very thankful for the Pocket Testament Gospel of John I gave him as the finishing touch to his new gift of life in Christ. Thank you.
~ Valentina K. from Surrey, BC

Long ago, I gave one Gospel of John to a friend. He just started to read the Gospel and was touched so deeply by the words. He recognized that Jesus was God, and decided to follow Him.
~ Jose Moreira A. from Macao

My church outreach has been giving out cold bottles of water to people in our communities to help us share the gospel with them. Today, we had four salvations and gave out 27 Gospel of John Pocket Testaments.

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