Is a Gospel more valuable than $15 Million?

Is a Gospel more valuable than $15 Million?

We have the ability, and opportunity to carry something of incredible value in our pockets everywhere we go. There are plenty of opportunities to share, as John from Fairfield states:

Listen to what John V. from Fairfield, NJ shared....


Every year our family ventures into Manhattan at Christmas time to enjoy the sites and atmosphere. Last Friday we went in for this year's trip equipped with 15 Gospels of John from the Pocket Testament League. We gave the pocket testaments all out through the course of our visit. The receivers varied from cab or bus drivers, to people working in stores and random people in the street.

My favorite was giving a Gospel of John to an employee at a very expensive jewelry store. After he got done showing me a diamond necklace worth $15 million I told him I had something more valuable in my pocket and then reached in and handed him the Gospel of John. He took it and thanked me.

My last Gospel of John I handed to a women waiting for the ferry boat. I was very excited to see her reading page by page in the few minutes we had before we had to leave. Please pray for all the people receiving Gospels of John this Christmas season!!"

About The League

The Pocket Testament League is a 119 year old Christian outreach ministry that promotes Scripture reading and personal evangelism.

Inspired by the vision of a teenage girl in 1893, some 353,892 members from many Christian denominations have agreed to "Read Carry Share®" the Bible as the Word of God, and have given away more than 110 million Gospel of John books in simple one-to-one encounters. The Pocket Testament League is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

God's Stimulus Plan

God's Stimulus Plan

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