A Super Mission: 6 Ways to Share Christ During the Super Bowl

A Super Mission: 6 Ways to Share Christ During the Super Bowl

Everyone is looking for satisfaction in something. Unfortunately, many are looking in places that can’t possibly satisfy—success, status, stuff, relationships. Here’s a classic example: Tom Brady, the MVP quarterback for the New England Patriots, has won more Super Bowls than he’d ever dreamed of. However, in a 60 Minutes interview, he confessed to wanting more. He didn’t even know where to begin looking for true satisfaction. As ambassadors of Christ, we are called to tell the message of the Gospel so that people like Brady can find their true fulfillment, purpose, and joy in Jesus. The League believes that the upcoming Super Bowl is a great opportunity for us to build trust and spread the Gospel.


This article will help to spark ideas on how you can use a Super Bowl party to share Christ with others. Remember, you don’t want to bombard your guests with all of these at once; so use them as the Lord leads you to share the hope and satisfaction Christ can bring to them. Spend some time praying before, during, and after your event to see what doors God may naturally open for you to use one of these angles.


1. Pre-Game Warmups: Anticipating the Big Game

As kickoff draws near, look for ways to talk with others about why they are excited about the game. All of us anticipate the Super Bowl for various reasons such as our favorite team is playing, escape from the normal pace of life, or fun entertainment. Many will just be there for the commercials and friends but our reasons for anticipating the big game reveal our desire to find some level of satisfaction from the Super Bowl. After your guests reveal why they are excited about the game you can talk with one or more of them about how the excitement for the Super Bowl eventually wears off and how every year we are left waiting in anticipation for the next one. One Super Bowl is never enough to satisfy us. You could then talk with someone about how your true satisfaction comes from knowing Christ. Your testimony about how you have found satisfaction in Christ could be a powerful Gospel centered conversation before the game starts. This could open the door for more sharing of Christ as the game progresses. Perhaps our pocket Gospel entitled “How to Find Ultimate Success” can also be shared with someone during this time.


2. The National Anthem: I Pledge Allegiance

The national anthem provides us with a great opportunity to talk about our allegiance to our nation. As Christians, we should be the best citizens we can be for the glory of God. You could spend some time talking about how much you love our country and all the great blessings it provides for us. Then you can make a shift to talk about how so many people look to our government to satisfy them. They believe that our hope is in the United States; however, as good as our country is and how necessary our government is for us, they were never meant to satisfy our souls. It is only through a relationship with Jesus that we are truly satisfied. You could then talk to someone about how to pledge allegiance to Jesus through faith in Him. Sharing a Pocket Gospel of John for later follow up would be so helpful at this point because your guest may also want to watch the game. The American flag themed Gospels "A Message of True Freedom" is a great Gospel to share during this time of the game. 


3. Where’s The Food? I’m Still Hungry.


Let’s be honest. Sometimes the game isn’t all that exciting and sometimes people at a Super Bowl party don’t even like football. But everyone enjoys the good food at the party.  You can use the food to talk about Jesus. Here’s how. While munching down on your favorite foods you can talk about how good the food is and how stuffed you are. Then you can say that at some point you will be hungry again. This is because the food we eat can only provide temporary nourishment for our bodies and we always need to eat again. Then you can take the conversation to the Gospel by discussing how people try to find nourishment in things that never satisfy like success, stuff, status, and relationships. Even when these things are attained people are always left wanting more.  Our hunger for more money, stuff, and relationships never seems to be satisfied. The food of this world is great for us physically but, only Christ can satisfy us spiritually. A Pocket Gospel to continue this conversation is the one entitled “Food for Your Soul”. 


4. Kickoff: Your Whole Life is Ahead of You.

Kickoff can be a great time to talk with someone about the dreams and desires that they have had in life since their life began or was “kicked off”. You could ask someone, “What is one of your biggest lifetime desires or dreams?” Halftime could also be used to have a similar conversation starter by asking “If this were halftime of your life, would you think that all of your dreams and desires have been accomplished?” You could be a source of encouragement to helping them accomplish those things while also asking them if they believed if those accomplishments would satisfy them for a lifetime. You could use this conversation to move towards the Gospel by discussing if they would be OK with accomplishing all of their goals in this life but not be in heaven in the next life? This could help you discuss what they believe about salvation and give you an opportunity to share the Gospel with them or leave them with the Pocket Gospel entitled “How to Find Ultimate Success”. 



5. Commercials: Do the Products Deliver?

Everyone loves the funny and interesting commercials during the Super Bowl provided they are clean and appropriate. During any commercial you can ask, “Do you believe that these products really deliver the satisfaction that they promise?” For example, I once ate a Snickers bar and it promised to satisfy my hunger but, I was still hungry after eating it. You could then launch into a discussion about how so many things in this world promise satisfaction but we are always left wanting more when they don’t deliver.  These products like to keep us in bondage by getting us to believe that we can only be happy in life with them. But true freedom and satisfaction is found in Christ. You could use the pocket Gospel called “Is Finding Freedom Possible?” to give to someone after having this conversation. 


6. Post Game: Are you ready for the end?

This conversation might get really serious but could open up some great Gospel discussion. You could explain how the end of the game is an analogy of the end of our lives. And we will either be on the winning team celebrating for all eternity or the losing team suffering for all eternity. You could ask, “If today were the end of your game of life, do you think you would have lived it completely satisfied? Would you be on the winning team?  Would you be on the losing team and not be satisfied for all eternity?” Explain, the only way be on the winning team and know true satisfaction in this life and the next is through Jesus. As they leave you could give them a Pocket Gospel. 


Be Prayerful and Intentional

The Super Bowl provides us with a great opportunity to be intentional about reaching others with the Gospel. Just the simple step of having a party is a way to begin connecting with people in need of Jesus. Even if you don’t have these conversations at your party you are taking a great first step in showing hospitality and love to others you invite. At a minimum, you could also simply give everyone the Pocket Gospel called “The Ultimate Victory” (currently out of stock - but will be back soon!) and pray that God would use it in their lives. Be prayerful and intentional to look for opportunities to share Christ with others who need Him. They are all looking to be satisfied in life. You can point them to the Savior that satisfies and saves this upcoming Super Bowl Sunday and invite them to be part of the winning team for all eternity.

Start planning your super bowl outreach today by ordering a supply of pocket-sized Gospels of John at www.ptl.org/share.

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