A Part of Something Powerful

A Part of Something Powerful

Guest Blogger, Caroline Simas

Ya’ll….I continue to be blown away with how the Lord works. He has introduced me to the coolest people who are in the business of loving people and sharing God’s goodness in a variety of ways.

Well several months ago Laure Hoffman of The Pocket Testament League read an article about me/Multiple Blessings in Christian Retailing Magazine. She reached out and said she’d be in Charlotte for work and would like to meet. We did and a new friendship and that whole, cool sister in Christ connection happened immediately. I enjoyed learning all about The Pocket Testament League and all the amazing kingdom building taking place because of this ministry. Here I am pictured below with Laure at our most recent gathering just a couple of weeks ago. She liked the REJOICE print I gave her:)


And as we approach Easter, this just seems like the best time (God’s timing) to share this story with you. We all have heard of the chocolate Cadbury eggs…right????


Well guess what? In 1893, Helen Cadbury, daughter of the president of Cadbury chocolates, was so excited about sharing her faith that she organized a group of girls who sewed pockets onto their dresses to carry small versions of the New Testaments and share with others. So much happened after that which you can read HERE (it’s fascinating!) and since then over 110 MILLION pocket-sized Gospels have been shared by members in every part of the globe! 

Now that’s an example of how ONE person can truly make a difference. Wow!

So what exactly is this and how does it work?

You can read more answers to their frequently asked questions HERE.

So Laure also encouraged me to submit my art to the Pocket Testament League’s contest because each year the league chooses three winners for the cover of the pocket testaments.

So I did and just found out a few weeks ago that this design was one of the winners:)

You can find them HERE!

There are so many other cool designs HERE!

And this is really neat— if you own your own company whether that be a car dealership, a restaurant, a gift shop, or something else, you can make a donation and have your company logo placed on the cover and customize your own Pocket Testaments to share with your customers and your community.

And as the Masters is about to begin them shortly after we’ll have the Wells Fargo Championship here in Charlotte. Do you know someone willing to order and share these?

So I have a lots of these to share and have some in my car and purse at all times. You just never know when there will be an opportunity to share the gospel with someone, right?

I’d encourage you to join The Pocket Testament League (it’s FREE) …just make a donation if you can and order some to share. Challenge yourself by trying to share 20-30 a month and see what a difference you can make by becoming a kingdom builder. How cool for your kids to witness you doing this and perhaps be a part of it with you. There are currently over 410,000 members who have decided to be brave with their faith and you could be one too:)



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Retail owner Susan Brown (left) of Grace 251 with Katherine Huske (right) of The Pocket Testament League. Susan is choosing to hand these out to customers and people in her community of Dalton, Ga. as she feels led:) Bless you Susan!

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