A Godly Mother’s Highest Honor

A Godly Mother’s Highest Honor

From the time a godly mother nurtures her children as babies, she is pouring herself into them day after day. She teaches her beloved little ones to walk and talk and encourages them in school. Of all the lessons this godly woman teaches, though, she puts the most importance on the subject of her Lord. 

PTL has had the privilege of seeing such godly mothers in action, and the League welcomes you to read many great examples. The highest honor that any godly mother could have is that her children know and proclaim the Gospel.

The Heart of Godly Mothers

League Member Ms. Jeanette from New York, NY:

“My heart is for the children in my community. As a single mom, I try my best to teach my children in the way of the Word of God.
“I continue to help out in children's church, and I minister not only to the children in children’s church but also to the parents, even when they bring their children to karate classes. Using the Gospel of John for children, I notice that it draws the parents in as well. God is Awesome!”

League Member Ms. Christina from Davenport, FL:

“I am so blessed to be able to share God's Word with people. I am a busy mom of five children; so having these Gospels of John makes it easy to jump-start a conversation towards Christ while in the checkout lane at the grocery store or whenever I come in contact with people in the course of busy life. Thank you for enabling us to share God's Word.”

League Member Julie from Hustontown, PA:

“I'm a stay-at-home mom but have a real heart for those who are down and out because I've been there. I'm active in my community, and the Gospels of John can give me the chance to spread the Word!!”

Her Children Honor Her

League Member Camille from Columbia, SC:

“I'm a single mother working two jobs to make ends meet. My seven-year-old son was recently sick, and after paying bills, I have very little in my account. I was blessed so much by the PTL Speaker Representative by the name of Don Sunshine coming to my church.
“I have already shared my faith with other complete strangers. My seven-year-old even joined in and shared his love for Jesus with a gas station attendant and gave the man one of the PTL Gospel of John Pocket Testaments. Where I was so intimidated to share my faith, I now feel empowered!
“When I get paid again, I would like to donate extra to this Pocket Testament League. My son and I are so excited that we don't want to stop the momentum of sharing our faith and handing people these Gospels until I get paid again!”

League Member Shasta from Mountain View, AR:

“I plan on sharing the Gospel of what Jesus has done for my family. You see, me and my husband were having big problems in our marriage.
“We were heading for divorce and our kids were crying, ‘Please don't.’ And she said, ‘Momma and Daddy, Jesus can help. He can change you.’ And one day my oldest daughter said, ‘Mom and Dad, please come to church and give it a try, please.’
“And so we did, and I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. And until this day, we go every day the door is opened. And we have been married for fourteen years, going on fourteen in Feb. 2017.
“Jesus sure has blessed me in many ways. I am very thankful for what he has done for my family. I am going to pass the Gospels of John out and tell them what Jesus has done for me.”

League Member Melissa from West Enfield, ME:

“I have twin daughters who attend a local public school. This is their first year, as they have been homeschooled until now. They are very bold about sharing their faith and have handed out all eight of the free Gospels of John they received at a conference we attended.
“Children are broken and are seeking hope in their lives. It's been a blessing to watch my girls be able to provide an answer for them and even more of a blessing that these teens are responding and accepting these Pocket Gospel books with open arms!”

League Member Juliet from Winnipeg, MB:

“I am a mother of two kids, girl and a boy. We are new and about one year being as Christian, and we love to attend Sunday service in our church. We so much seek about God's Word.
“There is big change in our lives when we start to know more about Jesus. Even in our kids, my daughter and my son. Sometimes, they share God's Word or introduce to their classmates, ‘Who is Jesus?’ And I am also inspired for what they are doing.
“That's why I want to share this Gospel of John booklet for my kids’ classmates. For they know more about Jesus. And because I am the lunch mom in their school, my son's classroom.
“I teach them to pray before they start to eat. And I'm really blessed to hear them when I end the prayer and they respond ‘amen.’ I hope someone sponsors me for this booklet, even if I struggle with my English grammar, to share my story. Thank you in advance and God bless you😊.”

Sponsor Gospels

There can be no greater gift for a mother than to see her children living lives that honor God. On Mother’s Day, honor the special women in your life by sponsoring a Gospel set for other members. How proud would these godly mothers be to know that their children are empowering others to share Christ! You can sponsor these members at www.ptl.org/payitforward.

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