7 Ideas for Proclaiming the Gospel This Christmas

7 Ideas for Proclaiming the Gospel This Christmas

Keeping Christ at the Center of Christmas

Go Tell It on the Mountain! Proclaiming Christ this Christmas

The Christmas season is full of surprises and gifts, rosy cheeks, family time, and a spirit of joyful hospitality. More than any other time of the year, complete strangers will exchange smiles and friendly hellos. People give wholeheartedly to charities and care for the sick and needy. Some might know the reason for celebrating in these ways, but others don’t understand at all! We know you want to share Christ, the true greatness of this Christmas season. 

Check out a few of our ideas for sharing the Gospel below:

1. Go Christmas caroling.

There’s something priceless about singing Christmas carols outside someone’s door during the holiday. It often brightens up someone’s day and holds a lot of fun for the singers too. 

Many times, people will come to the door with a sweet smile on their faces because of the joy-filled songs. What a prime time to give them the Gospel! Just wrap up a pocket Gospel of John with a free treat and hand them out as you go along.

2. Give neighborly Christmas cards.

Who doesn’t love getting a cheerful Christmas card? Maybe you haven’t seen or met your neighbors where you live. You may not know much about their likes and dislikes or feel ready to invite them over for dinner. 

Certainly, getting to know them more personally would help you win them to Christ, but you may just need to get the conversation started. Try a nice Christmas card, a small gift or treat, a pocket Gospel and a warm hello as you hand it out. 

You never know what your neighbors might be going through. Your card could mean the world to them – and show them the way to Christ! 

3. Bring hot chocolate.

While most people retreat to the indoors during the season’s chilly weather, some workers still have to get their jobs done outdoors. Construction men, bell ringers, dumpster drivers, mechanics – all work day in and day out in almost any kind of weather. 

Here, you have an opportunity to share warmth and hospitality. You can easily strike up a conversation for a few minutes by bringing around some hot chocolate. Before you leave, be sure to tell them about Christ and hand them the Gospel.

4. Stay prepared – even at church.

1 Peter 3:15 says to honor Christ, always standing ready to give an answer to anyone who asks about your faith in God. Most of the time, you probably don’t think through the Gospel presentation when you’re on your way to church. You usually meet fellow Christians there who have already trusted Christ as Savior. 

During Christmastime, though, this is not always the case. Your church might host a Christmas play, dinner, special service or another event that attracts non-Christians too. As the Bible commands, you should always have an answer ready for them – even at church.

5. Mail a surprise.

Did you know that USPS mail carriers deliver billions of cards, flats, and packages around the holiday season each year?1 For your mailman, Christmas is his busy season. 

To brighten his spirits on those long holiday routes, leave a surprise bag of Christmas cookies in the mailbox! Attach a nice note and pocket Gospel, and then pray that God will open his heart to Christ. 

If you can, you might enjoy hand-delivering your package as well. Your mailman is working hard during the holiday season too, and he would likely appreciate your kind gesture. 

6. Fill Christmas stockings.

This Christmas, many homeless people won’t have the luxury of decorating a Christmas tree or enjoying treat-filled stockings. While they may not have a home to decorate, they might still enjoy participating in these holiday traditions. You could fill up a Christmas stocking with treats, a blanket, or other essentials and include a Gospel of John inside! 

7. Make sugar cookie kits.

Finally, a great gift that you can give to nearly anyone is a sugar cookie kit. A decorated jar or package will also provide a great spot to attach or insert a pocket Gospel. 

Inside, you can pack the cookie mix, a recipe, cookie cutters, icing, or toppings for an all-in-one surprise. Complete the gift with a pocket Gospel and a nice bow and hand out to coworkers, family members, acquaintances, and even strangers. 

Many people may know that the Christmas season is a time of joy, hospitality, and love, but they may not understand why. As believers, it’s our job to tell them, asking that God would give us the right words and praying for salvation! Before and during the season, get ready to proclaim Christ by ordering Gospels at www.ptl.org/ChristmasGospels.

1 “U.S. Postal Service Expects to Deliver More than 15 Billion Pieces of Holiday Mail and Packages This Year,” 2015,  <https://about.usps.com/news/national-releases/2015/pr15_059.htm>

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