6 ways to share the Gospel this CHRISTmas!

6 ways to share the Gospel this CHRISTmas!

The Gospel is truly the best gift we can ever share! Here are six ideas on how to share the pocket-sized Gospels of John this Christmas:


1. Add a Gospel to each Christmas card

“One Christmas my husband and I included a Gospel of John with each Christmas card we sent to our unsaved loved ones. The response was overwhelming! Years later, some of my family members, who would otherwise never discuss matters of faith, still mention having the "little book" I sent and assure me they have read it.” - Elizabeth S. from Lexington, KY

2. Pass out Christmas treat bags with pocket-sized Gospels

“I place a Gospel of John in a Christmas treat bag with three Hershey's kisses and a Christmas card, hoping to cheer those who want the Gospels of John. Curling ribbon at the top of the bag made them a festive gift. There is no better gift in the world than the Word of God ... leading to a relationship with Christ!” - Bertie K. from Delta, CO


3. Equip your youth group with Gospels to share with their friends

“When my husband and I started working with the youth, we handed out notebooks with pocket testaments at Christmas. We asked them to read the Gospels, pass them along, and keep a journal of their experience. At our next meeting, our youth were so excited to share not only how they had given their pocket testaments to others, but how it changed their lives and understanding of God's love for them.” - Shasity R. from Willimantic, CT

4. Present pocket-sized Gospels as a gift to church visitors

“At my church's Christmas cantata, I gave some Gospels of John to people I had never seen before. Ten of them came to me later and said they had gotten saved that night. It made me feel honored to be able to have this opportunity to share God's word.” - Donald W. from Susquehanna, PA


5. Distribute Gospels through outreach programs

"We partnered with Prison Fellowship, as we do every year, to be on their Angel Tree team and deliver Christmas gifts to children of families who have someone incarcerated. We used The Pocket Testament Gospels of John as an avenue to also share the Gospel with the families, explaining that God gave His Son Jesus Christ as the Ultimate Gift.” - Jessica S. from Dover, FL

6. Don't forget to share the Gospels in your neighborhood

"On Christmas day, my family and I went around our neighborhood distributing chocolates with Gospels (for adults and children) to our neighbors. I encourage others to do the same! I learned that this simple act of love can touch a person's soul and cause them to be much more open to the Gospel message.” -Dianne F. from Ancaster, ON


Join these League Members and more who will be sharing the pocket-sized Gospels of John this Christmas. Order your Gospels before it's too late! 

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