5 Ways to Share Christ over Thanksgiving Dinner

5 Ways to Share Christ over Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a beautiful time to fill up, slow down, and contemplate God’s provision and goodness in our lives. Our appreciation of fall bounty is dulled, however, by the fact that we rarely lack food on our tables any other time of year. It takes purposefulness to be grateful on Thanksgiving instead of just stuffing our faces and falling asleep. 

One way to be purposeful in our gratitude is to share Pocket Testaments with those we care about!

Here are five ways you can kick the drowsiness this Turkey Day and energize your Thanksgiving sharing.

       1. Make holiday gratitude packages


Who are the people who keep your life running? A school coach, maybe, or a regular bank teller? Whoever has an unsung position of service in your life would definitely love a little TLC! Show your appreciation by making them a gift baggie with some holiday sweets or a thank you card and Gospel of John. Make sure you let them know personally how much they mean to you and that their reliability doesn’t go unnoticed!

       2. Prepare to share while traveling


It’s no secret that Thanksgiving is one of the most heavily traveled days of the year. Everyone is coming and going to visit relatives and the roads are correspondingly clogged. Why not take the opportunity and prepare with a few Pocket Gospels on hand? You can give them to toll workers as well as gas station attendants and other service personnel who don’t have the day off. If you’re doing the visiting far from home then it’s a good opportunity to share the Word outside of your usual circle. Just make sure to have them within reach so you don’t hold up any more traffic!

       3. Share at the grocery store


Grocery stores hire extra staff to deal with the busy holiday season. Even if you’ve shared at the grocery store before, there are bound to be new people working who have never personally received the Word of God. Take advantage of the seasonal positions and share with them while doing your dinner shopping! Holidays can be stressful, which unfortunately means people will be rude to those working. Be a smiling face despite all of the busy-ness and your gift of a Gospel is sure to be noticed and remembered.

       4. Bring a hostess gift

It’s always polite to bring a small gift for the host or hostess of a nice dinner, so why not pair it with the greatest gift of all? Include a Gospel with your offering or, if you’re doing a potluck, with your contribution to the meal. Thank them for hosting and mention how grateful you are for the contents of the book you’re giving them. If your gathering includes individual confessions of thanksgiving, share how grateful you are for the Cross and everything God has done for you in Christ! No need to be awkward, but no need to be shy either—there’s nothing we should be more thankful for!

       5. Include Gospels in your table setting


One of the best parts of a big holiday meal is the place setting. It’s one of the few times when you get to pull out the nice china and glasses and set a spectacular and festive table. Once the silver is polished and napkins folded, why not top off your arrangement with a Pocket Testament at each seat? Your guests can peruse them before the meal and then take them home to read and reflect on later. It’s the perfect blend of beautiful display and heartfelt gift.

However you choose to share this holiday season, do it with confidence and certainty that God will bless the sharing of His Word. One of the best ways that we can show our gratitude to Him for everything that He has done is to share His message with others. Are we really that thankful if we don’t want others to know?

Order Gospels now so you can be prepared to take these opportunities. The holidays get busy fast, so order right away before you get distracted by a dozen other things. Don’t put it on your to-do list, just click the link!

Our GIVE THANKS Gospel cover is a great choice for any of the sharing opportunities listed above. It makes it easy and natural to share during this festive and happy time of year, so if you don’t have time to pick, that’s the one to get!

Remember: gratefulness over Thanksgiving doesn’t come automatically and neither does sharing. Be prepared and be purposeful and you can share more Gospels in a day than you can fit trivets on your sideboard.

Bon appetit and happy sharing.

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