5 Conversation Starters to Share The Gospel in February

5 Conversation Starters to Share The Gospel in February

February is full of opportunities to talk about the love, freedom and victory available to everyone in Christ! Here are five upcoming sharing occasions along with related themes and ideas to help make it easy for you to get a conversation started. You may also be inspired from League Members’ sharing experiences. Ask the Lord to give you ideas—the possibilities for evangelism are endless. Whenever and however you choose to share, equip yourself with an array of attractive and relevant Pocket Gospels.

February 1 — National Freedom Day

Conversation Starter: Finding freedom is possible

Say something like: Did you know February 1 is National Freedom Day? The commemoration marks with the passing of the 13th amendment, which officially abolished slavery in the U.S. in 1948. Do you feel as free as you would like to? If not, know that finding freedom is possible! You can have peaceful, ongoing freedom in Christ, simply by asking Him for it.

February 4 — Superbowl Sunday

Conversation Starter: Winning the ultimate victory

Say something like: I’m so glad that, with Christ, everyone has a chance to be on the winning team and no one has to face the disappointment of losing. Everyone has access to an abundant life here on Earth and a chance spend eternity with God! The best part is that it’s so easy—you don’t have to do anything to earn a spot on the winning team! You just ask and receive a free gift.

February 14 — Valentine’s Day

Conversation Starter: Finding unconditional, perfect love

Say something like: This time of year can be so hard for many people. Married people fight, single people are lonely, and those in nursing homes, hospitals and prisons feel forgotten. Even people with strong marriages have a hard time finding a great gift. I’m so glad I’ve been given a perfect, eternal gift of unconditional love. And I’d like you to have it too—it’s easy. A Story of Perfect Love shows you how.

February 17 — Random Act of Kindness Day

Conversation Starter: Passing along God’s kindness

At a local café, pay for the person’s order who is in line behind you. Wait, and when they say thank you or walk by you, say something like, It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day, and I just want to give kindness away! Why?Because God gave me His loving gift and eternal kindness when I didn’t know Him. It changed my life! You can have His loving gif too! Find out how in a Bright Hope for Tomorrow.

February 23 — Collegiate Day of Prayer

Conversation Starter: Getting the answers for life’s tests

Say something like: Hey, I know being a college student isn’t easy, trying to figure out who you are becoming and knowing where you are going. But I’ve got a sure-fire way that you can get help for those answers and be victorious for every test you will ever take. I know because I’ve experienced this victory myself, and so can you. It’s easy!

It’s Your Turn.

Love others well, helping them find the freedom, love and victory available to them in Christ by giving away Pocket Gospels. Share the Gospel out of gratitude to thank Jesus for what He has done for you.  

Former addict and League Member Rudy C. from Buckhead, Georgia, sums up the reason for sharing perfectly:

”I like to share with others what I freely have received and that the same freedom is offered to them freely. People are so desperately in need of unconditional love!! The love of Jesus Christ!”

Member Patricia C, from Inwood, New York, has an inspirational sharing perspective for this time of year—and on any day:

“Every day is a great day to to share the Gospel. We have all kinds of holidays in this world but every day is an I love you day with God and that is why on Valentine’s Day I will be sharing the Gospel as a God loves you day, every day!”

What will you do?

However and whenever you share, you will need to pass along the life-changing Word of God. Equip yourself today with a supply relevant, attractive Pocket Gospels!

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