4 Ways To Share God’s Word This Fall!

4 Ways To Share God’s Word This Fall!

Each season has its own unique characteristics and events.  God made everything to be beautiful in its time and fall is no exception! Hopefully there have been many opportunities for sharing during the back to school season.  It is a wonderful time to start new routines, catch up with old acquaintances, and enjoy a change in scenery.  

As the fall holidays approach, consider again how you might be able to use these opportunities to spread the Good News about Jesus to those in your circle of contact.  And don’t forget that you’re much more likely to share if you’re prepared ahead of time!

1. Halloween

Halloween can be a controversial holiday for Christians, but regardless of your stance, we are called to be light in the darkness!  This makes Halloween a great chance to share.  Here are a few ideas for how:

  • You can offer Pocket Testaments along with candy to trick-or-treaters

  • You can give Gospels as a special gift to a smaller number of kids who you personally know 

  • You or your kids can also reverse trick-or-treat—bringing Gospels to doors and giving a gift instead of taking one

As Halloween approaches, scary things begin to abound and people become obsessed with the fearful and terrifying.  Instead of being drawn into the scary and spooky, offer relief from it.  

  • Host a movie night for your kids and their friends of an uplifting movie that shows that good is more powerful and more wonderful than the creepy and evil things.  The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is a good example.

  • Show people (who are interested) places in Scripture where demons were afraid of Jesus!  The scariest things that we can think of all know that Jesus is more powerful than them.  What a wonderful King to follow!

Remember during the season that we are to be salt and we are to be light.  Use the opportunity to show people what real power is.  Real power isn’t creepy.  Real power is humble and patient and unswervingly loving.  Real power conquered sin by apparent weakness—dying on a cross—but then demonstrated his victory by rising to life and conquering death itself!!  That is a power to behold.  And that is a power that doesn’t make us fearful; it makes us worship.  

Halloween always comes up quickly though, so make sure to order Gospels now in order to have them ready to share in time.  

2. Harvest Parties

Many people have fall harvest parties instead of, or in addition to Halloween.  These can also be a good sharing event.  

  • Place Gospels in a cornucopia display as a party favor

  • Give one as a thank you to the host of a party you attend

  • Bring some along to other harvest events, like pumpkin picking or hay rides, so that you can share with a different set of people than you see during the rest of the year

  • Enjoy a hot apple cider with a friend and ask them what they think about Jesus.  Really listen to their answer and be prepared to give them a primary source of information about Him so they can learn from His own words.

Whatever fall traditions you follow, incorporate the Gospel!  

Another great chance to share as the harvest rolls in is at a seasonal market or shop.  Many people are doing more of their shopping locally or through Farmer’s Markets nowadays.  If you’re one of them:

  • Bring a gospel to your favorite vendors and thank them for providing food for your family over the past season.  

They’ll be grateful for the recognition and you’ll be reminded that, “He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness.” (2 Corinthians 9:10)  They sow seed for your food and you sow seed for their knowledge of the Gospel of Christ!  

Sounds like a good trade to me!

3. Football Events

What would fall be in America without football?  Weekends are occupied for about five months of the year with this beloved sport!  But that doesn’t mean that those times have to be excluded from your opportunities to share.  Often sharing is most appreciated and most effective when it comes in the course of our regular lives.  

Do you gather with a group of friends to watch the games? Do you attend any of them live throughout the season? Do you go to local high school games in the fall? Do any of those friends or football companions still need to hear about the love of God in Christ?  Share with them!  

  • Take a minute before a game, during commercials, or before you part ways to offer them a Gospel

  • Start a conversation about qualities of a hero

Athletes in our country can easily be turned into demi-gods and relied on as though they are infallible.  Keep a godly perspective and be the voice to remember that all of these athletes are just men, but there is a man who is truly infallible because He is also God.  Jesus is a true hero.  

If you go to high school games or are involved with a team, consider sharing with a coach or any players you know.  

  • Give them a Gospel and a kind word of encouragement.  This can be both an exciting and a stressful time for them and you can be a light of the Gospel of Jesus in their lives.

However you enjoy the sport, enjoy it even more by getting to see God at work through it.  Be humble.  Be natural.  Love your friends enough to want them to know.

4. Thanksgiving

Turkey, stuffing, and warm apple pie—it doesn’t get any better than that.  Oh wait!  Throw in the Gospel and it gets a lot better!

Thanksgiving is when we gather with family, stuff our faces with delicious food, and remember how blessed we are as a nation.  As you are preparing all of the food and place settings, think of a few people in your life that you are genuinely grateful for.  Maybe it’s someone you’ve always taken for granted.  Is there someone who watched out for you when you were a child or encouraged you and mentored you as an adult?  What about someone who has selflessly served your children—a teacher, a bus monitor.  Or maybe there’s someone who has cared for your parents or grandparents—a nurse, an aid, a friend?

Consider taking a moment to thank them for their dedication in your life and for everything they have done for you or your family.  

  • Give them a Gospel as an appreciation gift for all of their help.  

You can even tell them that because of everything they have done for you, you really want them to know Jesus the way you do—don’t by shy!  The Gospel is the most valuable thing that you have!  Encourage them to read it so that they can know God.  Be sincere.  People recognize and appreciate sincerity.  

It’s Thanksgiving! Be truly Grateful!


However, you are able to share, make sure to prepare ahead of time by ordering enough Gospels.  Then pray that God will open hearts to His word and provide opportunities for you to give each Pocket Testament.  As He does beautiful things with the leaves and the weather, He is certainly able to do beautiful things in the hearts of those with whom you share.  Enjoy the season, and don’t miss any opportunity.

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