TEST ONLY - It’s time to Celebrate International Chocolate Day!!

What do chocolate, pockets, and the Word of God all have in common? Read this blog post.

Today is the day to indulge in that favorite dark chocolate bar or fluffy chocolate mousse. Break out the big scooper for some double chocolate ice cream and make sure to add fudge to everything in sight!

Chocolate is one of those things that we love to celebrate. It is popular all around the world and comes in more varieties that you can count. But did you know that The Pocket Testament League has a long association with chocolate? Our founder, Helen Cadbury, was part of the Cadbury Chocolate family!

Born in 1877, Helen Cadbury was the daughter of the President of Cadbury Chocolates. She gave her life to the Lord when she was 12 years old at a Church meeting with her father and began carrying a Bible with her to school. She would read it to her classmates, many of whom also became Christians. Helen was convinced that if only people would read the Word of God for themselves, they would understand who God was and want to follow Christ. She and her friends sewed special pockets onto their dresses so that they could carry Scripture with them wherever they went and they formed a society that they called ‘The Pocket Testament League’, pledging to Read, Carry, and Share a portion of Scripture every day. In those pockets, they would carry small New Testaments that Helen’s father provided for them.

Even though they were young, Helen and her friends weren’t afraid to share. They shared with other classmates and anyone else God put on their hearts. When she was only 16 years old, Helen shared her scripture with a police officer who gave his life to the Lord!

Years later, after Helen had attended University, she married a prominent American evangelist named Charles Alexander. Alexander was similarly passionate about getting God’s Word into the hands of non-believers and the newly saved and in 1908 they opened the League’s first official office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Over the years, the League grew and grew, opening offices in England and elsewhere. Through the dedicated work of their members, hundreds of thousands of Gospels have been given to soldiers in every major world war, smuggled into closed countries and shared with family, neighbors and friends.

To date, there are over half a million League Members. In the 123 years that the League has been in existence, 130,000,000 Gospels have been shared. That is absolutely amazing.

So this International Chocolate Day, as you enjoy sipping some rich hot cocoa or putting the finishing touches on a decadent cake, remember what God did through a humble young girl from a dynasty of chocolate. If He could have such an impact with her obedience, what could he do with yours? Do you believe that God can reach people’s hearts and transform their lives with His Word if you’ll only share a Gospel to them? He can and He will.

Commit with us to Read, Carry, and Share a piece of scripture every day by becoming a Member of The Pocket Testament League. Membership is free and you’ll be joining a society of believers like Helen who don’t accept any excuses in their lives not to witness, people who know it’s important and who know that it matters. You’ll get to hear hundreds of stories like Helen’s of fruitful witnessing and lives transformed to encourage you in your own obedience. And obedience to God’s call satisfies far better than any kind of cocoa ever will.

Join with other like-minded believers by becoming a League Member and Ordering Gospels of John today. Now that’s worth celebrating even more than chocolate!


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