10 ways to share Gospels during back-to-school

10 ways to share Gospels during back-to-school

When the school season is in, it's a great time to get the Gospel out. You can store up the treasure of seeing students, teachers, and parents come to Christ by sharing a pocket-sized Gospel of John.

10 ways to jumpstart this year’s school year for Christ:

1. Bring Gospels to See You At The Pole (Sept. 25th).

2. Team up to fill lockers or student mailboxes with Gospels of John.

3. Get involved in your church's backpack stuffing outreach.

4. Join the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and equip your school’s Christians Athletes with Gospels to carry and share.

5. Donate pocket Gospels to your chaplain.

6. Give out teacher gift baskets with school supplies, plus a Gospel. 
7. Share pocket Gospels at your school's Bible club.

8. Pass the Word out on Bring Your Bible to School Day (Oct. 3rd).

9. Invite new friends over for dinner and let them leave with the Gospel.

10. Hand out Gospels during lunch or school pickup anytime it comes up in conversation!

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At school, you are the voice of Truth that could catch someone's attention who needs Christ.

Want a quick, simple way to share at school? Get equipped with the NEW Wonby1 Summer Challenge: Back-to-School Kits! Simply choose your kit size—30, 90 or 250 Gospels—and place your order now so you can share from the very first day.

Plus, each kit includes our NEW limited edition Don't Miss the Bus Gospel along with other hand-picked covers perfect for middle, high, or even college students! These pocket-sized Gospels of John are easy to carry and simple to share. Each pocket Gospel contains the full Gospel of John and an easy to understand plan of salvation. Order yours today.

See You At The Pole is around the corner!

See You At The Pole is around the corner!

The Gospel speaks every language!

The Gospel speaks every language!