8 Ways to Share the Gospel with Dads, Grads, and Newlyweds

May is a month of excitement and celebration! In this sunny season, many of you are touching up the final plans for your wedding, graduation, or the upcoming Father’s Day. Even more exciting, you might be spending time with family and friends that you haven’t seen in a while. What a great time to share the Gospel with unsaved loved ones! 

Lifting Up Our Country during the National Day of Prayer

Prayer is one of the greatest services we can do for our country. And, at this moment, we’re blessed to live in a place where we can come together in unity for national prayer. During this National Day of Prayer – and every day, for that matter – we should pray for our leaders, servicemen, and citizens around us. Here are a few prayer-filled ideas to make this a meaningful time of seeking the Lord as a nation. Remember that we are still one nation under God!

Give Godly Moms an Unforgettable Mother’s Day

How do you like to celebrate Mother’s Day? Most likely, you do something special that includes all of Mom’s favorite things: maybe breakfast in bed, a sweet note, or her favorite flowers. A godly mother also loves talking about her Savior – and the Gospel is the greatest reward you can give in her honor. While you’re making Mom feel special in many ways this Mother’s Day, tell her how you’re going to share God’s Word too! A few ideas to get started.

5 Ways To Share Your Faith With Millennials

Have you ever wondered if your age affects how you share your faith? For example, does a teenager talk about their relationship with Jesus differently than someone in their fifties or sixties? We think so. That’s why we have developed a new tool to help leaders of every age influence the next generation. Influence is a new platform by The Pocket Testament League teaching practical evangelism in short videos and shareable content. 

Share Christ with a co-worker

Watch this video to see what happened when a coworker gave him a Gospel of John. You never know what’s going on in a coworker’s life. But it could be that God’s put you in the right place at the right time to share His love when someone needs it most.Watch this video to see how receiving a Gospel of John saved one man from wrecking his life.

4 Ways to Share Christ This Easter

What comes to mind when you think of celebrating Easter? For believers, you might get up early for an Easter sunrise service, celebrating how Jesus rose again. You might revisit and celebrate the Bible accounts of the Resurrection, told in passages like Mark 16 or Luke 24. For non-believers, though, Easter tends to get away from the truth of Jesus, inserting Easter bunnies, egg hunts, and candy instead. This year, you can help them understand the true meaning! Check out our 4 ways you can share Christ this Easter that will make a difference.

Shake Off the Winter Blues: 11 Ways to Share the Gospel

Most people look forward to Christmas and the season cheer, but what happens when the holidays are long gone and the cold weather is still persisting? You might find yourself feeling stuck inside and a little blue. The good news is that it’s an awesome opportunity to make someone else’s day——and what better way than the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We’ve got a few cozy (and effective) ways to share the Gospel in the dead of winter.

What the Bible Says about Love

We hear about the idea of falling in love all the time, especially around Valentine’s Day, but what is love exactly? What does it look like in action? Instantly, your mind might be thinking of a family member, dear friend, or significant other that you’re close to. While we might live in a world where love is usually sensational or self-absorbed, that cannot be what God meant when He inspired the words “God is love.” Thankfully, we don’t have to wonder what He meant——we can look at what the Bible says about love! 

Using the Olympics to Share Christ

The whole world will be watching as the 2018 Olympic Games play out in South Korea this month. Broadcasted in many different formats and languages, the Olympics get the world talking on a global level like no other sporting event.As a believer, this is a wonderful opportunity to enter into conversation with co-workers or even strangers who need to hear the Gospel.

A Super Mission: 6 Ways to Share Christ During the Super Bowl

Everyone is looking for satisfaction in something. Unfortunately, many are looking in places that can’t possibly satisfy—success, status, stuff, relationships. Here’s a classic example: Tom Brady, the MVP quarterback for the New England Patriots, has won more Super Bowls than he’d ever dreamed of. However, in a 60 Minutes interview, he confessed to wanting more. He didn’t even know where to begin looking for true satisfaction. As ambassadors of Christ, we are called to tell the message of the Gospel so that people like Brady can find their true fulfillment, purpose, and joy in Jesus. The League believes that the upcoming Super Bowl is a great opportunity for us to build trust and spread the Gospel.

When You Go Away… and Pray

“Now, why did I promise that?” Have you ever said that to yourself? Ever had one of those moments when you said you would do something? But then, when you realized what it would take to fulfill your commitment… well let’s just say, you had second thoughts! I posted a Blog on Christmas Day, “Jesus Went Away to Pray.” In it I shared a suggestion. As the year wound down, whether busy or not, I suggested you go away and pray and ask God to speak to you. The way Jesus took time away to pray.