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The Trek Thru Romans - Day 4

Note: After TODAY, you'll be 25% done! Keep up the great work. This week we are tackling Romans 4-8. The following two weeks, we will trek through four chapters a week.

How are you doing? You are three chapters in. You can do this. You can read Romans with me. Keep it up! Take your time! If you were on a hike, I would make sure of a few things. 

Have you consumed some water? 
How about a snack? 
Are you resting? 
Are you looking at the views?

The Trek Thru Romans - Day 3

Legal arguments can be a bit dizzying. Take it slow—we are only doing four days a week so you can go back a read and think about each chapter a bit more. 

St. Paul tackles his own people—the Jews. If you read the Big Picture Story of the Bible from the Introduction, you will understand why this is such an important question. 

Let me just ask you to think about being the Best Man or Maid/Matron of Honor at a wedding. What is your responsibility?

The Trek Thru Romans - Day 2

What do you think? Do we need a Savior? For those folks who think, "No, we just need some help," Chapter two is for you. St. Paul would call you the “law keepers”, people trying to prove they are good. They don’t generally murder folks, etc. In his day, they were Jewish people. In our day it is mostly church-goers. Yup, this chapter is for us church-goers.