What's your story?

My father-in-law loves to tell stories. When you sit with him, be prepared, you are going to get the entire story, from the beginning. In today’s world, which seems to be conditioning me to have the attention span of a gnat, hanging with him requires two things. First, it requires I settle down and not be in a rush. Second, it requires I engage the story, actively listening, and expecting to learn something from him, even if I have heard it before. You might say, to be genuinely interested. There are days I do it well, and days I don’t. When I do it well, I realize it is because I am being mindful of respecting him. He has lived over 9 decades, fought in WW2 both in the Atlantic and Pacific theaters, raised two amazing daughters, and more Bottomline, if I pay attention, I often learn a little bit more.

Wonby1 - Challenging statistics with the life-changing Gospel of Jesus!

Natalie is a Millennial who’s about to graduate from the University of Southern California. She grew up in a nominal Christian home, but her parents stopped going to church at some point in her teens. As she recalls, they just didn’t see the point. So stepping onto one of the most secular college campuses in America didn’t bode well for the place of faith in Natalie’s future. After all, statistics show that 59% of Millennials who grow up in the church will abandon their faith in college. But God doesn’t worry about statistics or probabilities…he’s just waiting for the chance to swoop in and change one life with His love. And that’s what he did for Natalie.

3 Easy Gospel-Sharing Ideas for Father’s Day

Our Heavenly Father holds so much love for the people around us. That’s why He sent His Son Jesus as a sacrifice, so He could gain many children of God. Will you be part of introducing others to their Heavenly Father? Here are some easy ideas to get started: Pass out Dad-inspired treat bags filled with: the Gospel of John, beef jerky, cheese snacks, or a favorite candy bar. Treat your neighbors to a pizza on you, delivered along with the Gospel. 🍕 Give ‘Best Dad in the World’ Gospels to dads or families at the hardware store.

Wonby1 - Hope for the world on the streets of Kiev!

The streets get crowded in Kiev on International Women’s Day. Much like Valentine’s Day in the U.S., Women’s Day brings out couples and families to celebrate the women who mean so much to them. It’s a favorite holiday – and a unique opportunity to reach people for Christ. Early in the day a small team of League Members gathered in Independence Square to construct a stage, set up sound equipment, and pray. Their prayers began with gratitude… thanking God for such an incredible opportunity to share His love with so many.

5 Ways to Honor Veterans with the Gospel

Memorial Day is coming up soon on May 27! Since everyone will be thinking about freedom and the sacrifices made to achieve it, it’s the perfect chance to share about true freedom found in Jesus Christ. Get ready to share everlasting freedom! Order your Gospels for Memorial Day – the Desert Camo and A Message of True Freedom Gospels are perfect for the occasion.

5 easy ways to share Christ with moms

Mother’s Day is a day meant to honor the special woman in your life. But did you know there’s an easy way to extend the honor to other moms too? It’s by giving them the gift of salvation! The Bible says, “Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” – Proverbs 30:30 This Mother’s Day, help moms everywhere become women who fear the Lord! Here’s how to share the Gospel with moms in your community.

Step into spring by sharing the Gospel

Today is the first day of spring! This season is full of renewed life—in the flowers and trees, in the sunny weather, and in people as they laugh and enjoy the outdoors. It’s the perfect time to share about renewed life in Christ! You can do just that by joining our Walk a Mile for the Gospel challenge. Here’s how it works: Choose a spot you’d like to walk around your community, then pick a distance you can commit to. Stock up on enough pocket Gospels to pass out to everyone you meet. Go for a walk, handing out pocket Gospels along the way!

Get inspired to share the Gospel this Easter!

Need some inspiration for your Easter outreach? Check out these awesome ideas from your fellow League Members: “Pocket Testaments are given out to the attendees who seek to receive Christ at our church’s sunrise passion play.” - Robert A. from Agua Dulce, CA “Our church leaders have been invited to participate with the town's recreational program for an Easter Egg Hunt the day before Easter. We will take this as an opportunity to share the Gospel of John with many of our town's children and families.” - Kay I. from S Royalton, VT

Wonby1 - Wendy’s Story: The Reward of Sharing the Gospel

Nicole was pregnant and that wasn’t a good thing. She felt loss, helpless, unprepared and didn’t know who to turn to. What was she going to do? How was she going to care for this baby? Nicole felt like she was out of options. She needed help. And that’s when she reached out...and met Wendy. Wendy volunteers at The Nest pregnancy center in Tampa, FL. She had recently begun leading a Bible study on the book of John at the center--sharing the Pocket Gospel This Book is Alive with women in crisis. When Nicole came in for help, Wendy began to share with her about God’s love. Nicole admitted that she knew God loved her, but she couldn’t understand why. Wendy didn’t give up. She was patient. She showed Nicole love and understanding. And she gave her a copy of the Pocket Testament.

Wonby1 - Shannon’s Story: Sharing the Gospel in Everyday Life

Let’s proclaim the Gospel to all of creation! That call sounds wonderful in Sunday church or during personal devotions (see Mark 16:15). Missionaries, preachers, and Bible teachers go forward all over the world to tell the saving message of Jesus Christ. But PTL Member Shannon K. of Jefferson, Or. also takes this verse to mean that everyday people can share Christ in everyday situations too. To Shannon, it doesn’t matter whether you’re out shopping, at a restaurant, or even going to an important doctor’s appointment. Opportunities for Christ are everywhere!

Wonby1 - David's Story: Cycling with a Focus on Eternity

“For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” – Hebrews 4:12 God’s Word is a powerful tool! When His people take the time to deliver His Word to others, God can work in mighty ways. Not many people would think to make that delivery during a bike ride. But David B. of Norwalk, CT, who runs a chapter of Christian Cycling, saw his regular rides as an opportunity. Watch as David explains exactly how he uses the Gospel while he’s out cycling.

Wonby1 - Pavel's Story: The gospel is spreading across Ukraine and Russia

Your daily news feed may make Ukraine and Russia seem like a hotbed of hostilities and even corruption, but if you asked Pavel what’s happening on the ground, he’d tell you that God is moving in powerful ways. Beyond what the headlines read, there is a hunger throughout the region for the hope and freedom Jesus Christ brings – and together with Members like you, Pavel and other partners are sharing that hope one pocket-sized gospel as a time! Hanna Novikova of Harvest Faith Church in Toliatti (Volga River region of Central Russia) writes…