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Memorial Day is a time to Share!

May 25, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Memorial Day is a time to celebrate!! Enjoy it and use it as an opportunity to Share. 


Memorial Day is coming soon! Break out the flags, pin on the poppies and get ready to hit the parade and welcome in the summer season!

Memorial Day weekend is a great time to share Gospels with servicemen and women, as well as anyone else you may see on the festive holiday. There are some great patriotically themed Gospels to choose from, but anything that you have on hand will work better than nothing at all! Listen to this story from League Member Angelo M. in Pittsburg, PA:

“I am a 28 year old, former United States Marine, I did two combat tours and was overwhelmed with guilt when I got home. About a year ago I went to the veterans hospital for depression, PTSD, and I suddenly lost my father and grandmother. Providentially God sent me a Gospel of John in my hospital room and I was born again right there and have continued in the scriptures and sharing the good news of healing and eternal life since with veterans and the poor and broken down in Pittsburgh. I want to hand out these pocket Gospels of John prayerfully and share the hope and strength in Christ Jesus.”

Wow! What an encouragement. There are so many people out there who are hurting or wondering about life and need the Word of God.

Did you know that the Pocket Testament League has a rich history of sharing Gospels with soldiers? From WWI & WWII right up to the present, the league has equipped our troops with millions of Pocket Testaments. Not only that, but we have actively shared Gospels in many different languages with the other sides as well! We’ve been endorsed by Presidents, seen fruit in many nations and always pursued our own hurt and wounded with the love and message of God.

This Memorial Day, there are so many opportunities to share. It may be with a soldier or it may be with a friend. Whether you’re participating in or watching a parade, hanging out at a cook out or barbeque, or just enjoying a little sunshine and a day off, look around at all the people you pass. Do any of them need the hope of Jesus? As you pray and the Spirit leads you to share, may He direct you to those divine appointments.

Not sure how to start? Download our free e-book, “101 Ideas to Share the Gospel” for some simple and practical ways to begin. As we celebrate the sacrifice of those who gave their lives for our freedom, let’s remember to tell others about the sacrifice that brings everlasting freedom. Happy Sharing.


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