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How to share the love of Christ this Valentine's Day

Feb 9, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Love Story

Don't miss the opportunity to share the love of Christ this Valentine's Day! 

Here is a prompt to get the conversation going: 

"This time of year can be so hard for many people. Married people fight, single people are lonely, and those in nursing homes, hospitals and prisons feel forgotten. Even people with strong marriages have a hard time finding a great gift. I’m so glad I’ve been given a perfect, eternal gift of unconditional love. And I’d like you to have it too—it’s easy. This pocket-sized Gospel of John shows you how."

Check out how fellow League Members plan to share God's Word with pocket Gospels this Valentine's Day:

"When I read about the Gospels, immediately I thought about personal outreach in February, in light of Valentine's Day. The cover picture of a red rose is conducive to the time of year. Everyone would probably accept a gift with a rose on its cover."

- Melvin P. of Badger, Canada

"We are making Valentine's bags at our church to deliver to unsaved friends and neighbors in our community. The pocket Gospels of John will be an amazing gift to add to it. Thank you!" - Adam J. of Huntingdon, PA

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Got a great idea for how to share God's Word this Valentine's Day? Share it in the comments below!