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How do young students feel about Pocket Gospels?

Jul 18, 2017 8:36:51 AM


“This will be your opportunity to bear witness.” (Luke 21:13)

When students in a 3rd and 4th grade class pondered how to be the “salt and light” in the world, one student offered to give a Bible to everyone in his neighborhood. Other students loved the idea, but wondered how they could obtain all those Bibles. As is often the case, God gently revealed the answer:  Pocket Gospels!

The teacher suggested 10 apiece. Not enough. She suggested 100 apiece. Still not enough. By the end of class, the students had determined they needed a bazillion of them to properly get the Message to others.

Kids from elementary to high school are uninhibited by practical realities and have aspirations that are literally out of this world. They easily and fully grasp God’s limitless capabilities. Adults could learn a thing or two from these young innocents, for with Jesus Christ on our side, anything is possible!


Back-to-school time is filled with fun and frenzy alike. For some, it is a reconnection to old friendships and for others, it means a fresh start with new opportunities. Amid the blur of shopping for clothes and school supplies, meeting parents and new students, and speaking to teachers lay countless opportunities for you to introduce someone to the Word of God.


If you have been wondering when is the right time to tell your children about Jesus’ abundant love, the answer is it is never too early to share encouraging words with them. Lifeway has four great tips on how to share Jesus with your children. What you teach them now is likely to echo throughout their lives, so do not miss the opportunity as a parent to start them down the right path. Your words and actions are a powerful example to them, and you can introduce them to the light they will need to lead a confident and faithful life with Jesus at their side.


Natasha Crain has written a book called Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side, which helps you to empower children as young as five with the knowledge to gently counter the objections and false teachings they will encounter. With your advice and God’s help, you can equip them with the faithfulness to stay true to their beliefs in the face of criticism and the confidence to be unafraid to share their testimony with others.

Encouraging your children to share the Gospels can be difficult for them in this secular world. Teens – and even younger children – can be subject to ridicule and persecution from other students. offers great resources for teens to assist them in their efforts, including mobile apps.

Public school teachers have a very influential job, so secular parents and school boards make it increasingly difficult for Christian teachers to share their beliefs with their class. The movie God is Not Dead 2 tackles this subject in both an informative and shocking way, making a point about how the freedom for people to express their faith is under attack. The article How to Share your Faith in a Public School offers good advice and inspiration for Christian teachers.

At Pocket Testament League, we are dedicated to providing pocket-sized Gospels of John for near and far distribution of God’s precious Message to us all. As Christians, we need to be prepared for the chances we get to share our testimony to others and introduce them to Scripture as it was intended – to encourage us and give us hope of life everlasting with Jesus Christ.

Is God speaking to you right now, pressing on your heart to share His Word with others? Are you able to sponsor a set of Pocket Gospels for students like those in the 3rd and 4th grade class, so they can share His Word as well? Order now to be prepared for the people God places in your path during this time of renewal and new beginnings.

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